by lamillerran, Feb 15,2010


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(note for races, colors are in general for the builds they are best at. With two different primary attack stats most races are good for at least one build)


Can make pretty good lazer clerics with their wisdom and int bonus.


Bonus to strength and charisma is good for battle clerics


Good for pretty much any build and extra durable so you will spend less time healing yourself. Several racial cleric PPs as well for battle/balanced builds


Not much for clerics here, although teleporting is good and so is the racial PP from DP.


Probably the best race for ranged clerics (and good for other builds too) and they get a good racial PP for clerics that uses bows.

Githzerai (PHB3)

Wis and dex bonuses and nice racial features and feat support. Might be equal of elves for lazer clerics.


Passable ranged clerics


Really good for battle clerics and very durable. Plus this is one of the few builds that can make good use of heavy war picks!


I am sure there is some build out there that can make good use of the dilettante power. Racial stats are both tertiary. Read this if you want help picking your dilettante power


Good for battle clerics who like heavy blades and doing extra damage


You could make a good lazer cleric if you tried hard.


Extra feat and at will are nice, but your stats will be a little low.

Shifter, Longtooth

Great for balanced since you get to boost both attack stats.

Shifter, Razorclaw

Good for lazer and ok for other builds


At least you get a charisma boost. And there are a good number of fire powers.

MM/MM2 Races

There is not usually feat support for these races

Bugbear (MM)

make good heavy blade battle clerics

Bullywug (MM2)

tertiary stats.

Duergar (MM2)

Same stats as dwarf's, but without the nifty feats and racial abilities.

Githyanki (MM)

Very teritary stats

Goblin (MM)

decent lazer clerics with 2 teritary stats. small and shifty

Hobgoblin (MM)

Ok ranged or melee with 2 teritary stats and a good racial power.

Kenku (MM2)

decent lazer cleric tertiary stats, but no useful racial features.

Kobold (MM)

charisma boost and shifty. small

Orc (MM)

tough and fast battle clerics


Changling (EBPH)

No primary stats but there is a racial feat that lets you pick any channel divinity feat you want.

Drow (FRPH)

Not much for clerics here with 2 tertiary stats, but you could go ranged. The racial powers work well for ranged clerics.

Genasi (FRPH)

Good for battle or balanced clerics

Kalashtar (EBPH)

Bonuses to both wis and cha and skill boosts to class skills. Would be good for ranged, but the racial features seem to want you to be close to enemies. Racial PP is very good.

Warforged (EBPH)

Good for battle clerics and durable. Decent racial PP for leaders.

Dragon Mag/Other

Bladeling (MOTP)

Make good lazer clerics and decent other clerics. Bonus to wis. No feat support.

Gnoll (drag 374)

Bumps to 2 tertiary stats. Make decent battle clerics

Minotaur (drag 369)

Good tough battle clerics. Note dragon eliminated over sized weapons for PCs.

Revenant (drag 372)

Teritary stats, but access to any 1 race's abilities.

Shadar-kai (drag 372)

not much obvious to offer in stats, but they do have good feats.

Wilden (drag 372)

Wisdom boost and good for lazer clerics. Mix of different racial abilities.