by lamillerran, Mar 15,2010

Paragon Paths: Other Classes

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Because there are not many strength based cleric paragon paths battle clerics especially should consider multiclassing and then taking a path from another class like barbarian, paladin, or fighter. I generally ignored paths that work better when you start from that class in favor of ones that work well for all classes who take them.


Dervish of Dawn (DP)

Bonus to defenses when you use radiant powers, potential second CD each encounter, and you get extra shiffting with your powers.

Radiant Visage (DP)

If you are a balanced cleric or battle cleric with a weapon/implement this is an ok choice. Flight extra shifting, and a potential second use of CD.

Serene Initiate (DP)

helps if you have a high dex, but this path lets you target more enemies with your oath ability

Weapon of Fortune

(DP) Chance to reuse action points and intersting powers based on chance, definitly not for everyone.


As of now all the paths for barabarians from PHB2 revolve around you raging most of the time, but you can only rage 2 times a day in paragon assuming you used a power substitution to swap out a daily.

Wildrunner (PHB2)

Lots of extra shifting and battle clerics usually are not this mobile.


Battle and balanced clerics should take a look at these.

Doomguard Marauder (MOTP)

Deal extra damage

Dreadnought (MP)

For hammer, maces, and axes

Kensei (PHB)

Solid for any melee character. You can also apply the attack/damage bonuses to prayers through your weapon if you have a weapon that doubles as a holys symbol.

Pit Fighter (PHB)

The damage bonus keys off wisdom and the other stuff is ok too.

Polearm Master (MP)

Good for pole arm users

Shield Adept (MP)

Ok if you have a shield.

Draeven Marauder (D365)

Not bad if you use a great spear.


Also uses wisdom, but requires a different implement.

Adept of Whispers (DP)

Good for lazer clerics focusing on blast/burst powers.

Divine Philosopher (DP)

only good if you have lots of knowledge skills.

Angelic Aspect (PHB2)

Flight, resistances, and higher defenses.

Blightspeaker (PHB2)

I am tempted to make this sky blue for lazer clerics with lots of save ends powers. Get free hp (keys off your wisdom) when you score a crit, your enemies are vulnerable to your attacks when you spend an action point, and they take damage when they save against your powers. The only thing holding back a better rating is that the powers are not that great.,


Paladin is a good choice for some battle clerics who are focusing on charisma like dragonborn.

Champion of Corellon (DP)

Best paladin path for high charisma strength clerics, but diety specific. Boosts your ac and speed. You need a decent dex as well, but starting with 14 is enough to get the full armor bonus.

Demonslayer (DP)

Another choice for strength clerics. Good against creatures with resistances.

Knight of the Chalice (DP)

Only for battle clerics with a high charisma, but it gives battle clerics 1 more choice.

Questing Knight (DP)

Another choice for strength clerics with a high charisma

Slayer of the Bead (DP)

not a bad choice for strength clerics, but the utility only effects undead.


GiantSlayer (MP also works with fighter MC)

Lots of bonuses if you are fighting larger creatures.

Horizon Walker (MP)

A couple of nice bonuses that key off wisdom. You need to use a weapon to make the most of it.

Thay Infiltrator (D370)

This is setting specific for forgotten realms but is designed for ranged rangers that mc cleric and vice versa.


Like the barbarian and rages most of these revolve around you being in a polymorphed form, which you can only do twice a day.

Storm Sentinel (PHB2)

Extra lighting damage, extra self healing, flight, and an encounter close burst 2 weapon powers


Many paths either key off of int or benefit warlords

Earthfast Brigadier (MP)

If you have a high con and use axe/hammer and shield this is an ok choice and has some leader abilities.

Pack Master (MP)

Lots of ally movement and some concealment

Knight Commander (PHB)

Good static attack bonuses for nearby allies