by lamillerran, Mar 15,2010

Paragon Paths: Cleric Specific

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For paths that have a strength/wisdom encounter power that you do not want you can take the reserve manuever feat from PHB2 to rotate out the path power for a lower level cleric power. For instance if a battle cleric wants to take the angelic avenger path he can switch out the level 11 wisdom encounter power for a level 7 strength power to get more out of it.

Angelic Avenger (PHB) "#f0b000">R C

Gives you proficiency with a heavy blade of your choice and has wisdom encounter and daily strength powers. So really for balanced builds. But battle clerics can replace the encounter power if they want to.

Anointed Champion (DP) "#008000">C A very good buffing path for ranged clerics. You really need a high charisma to get the most out of it, but balanced clerics can get good use out of it if they have a decent charisma.

Astral Savant (DP) "#f0b000">R C

Good for balanced and lazer clerics. Focuses on radiant and cold damage. The level 16 power lets you reuse a CD power any time someone in your party gets hit with a crit, which should happen most encounters.

Battle Chaplain (DP)

One of the few strength based paths. It gives you heavy shield proficiency and the ability to mark so lots of battle clerics who want to minor in defending will like this. The daily power is pretty situational. Probably the best nonracial cleric based PP for battle clerics.

Chromatic Bane (D378)

Another good choice for any battle cleric. Variable resistances when you use an action point and a good defensive CD power. Also you can use strength, wisdom, or charisma for the petty good encounter and daily attack powers, both of which encourage mobility.

Compassionate Healer (DP) "#FF0000">+ OK for those with a high number or healing surges. I think you have better options. Messenger of Peace and miracle worker are both better. Also the 11th level feature compassionate blessing got nerfed in errata.

Divine Oracle (PHB)

The most versatile path in the game since any character can make use of it (my gnome illusionist uses it). Good for any cleric who wants to target will and the other features are nice too from higher initiative to auto crits. Even useful for battle clerics with low wisdom since the encounter power does not require a roll and the daily is semi reliable.

Hammer of Moradin (DP)

Finally another strength focused path with nice features and powers. But must worship Moradin and be proficient in a warhammer or throwing hammer. For craghammer/ shield wielders you can use the battle cleric armaments feat to get a free warhammer proficiency (you can use superior hammers for the powers, but they do not count for the prereq, which I would houserule away as a DM and should be changed). I had this as black before the battle cleric armaments feat came out and some backgrounds will give you proficiency in a martial weapon so that is another option. It is blue for dwarfs and for craghammer wielders since they do not have to worry about the prereqs, black for nondwarf Mordenkrad wielders if you can't avoid the feat tax.

Holy Emissary (DP) "#008000">C Good ally buffing. Saving throw bonus from gift of hope is only +2 due to errata. Gift of grace is also now charisma based via errata. For lazer, balanced, and healics who do not mind doing damage.

Luckbringer of Tymora (D365)

Very good for balanced builds. It gives you a heavy blade proficiency, but the powers are wisdom implement powers (you can use luckblades as implements). Very good encounter power with a powerful buff/debuff effect.

Messenger of Peace (DP) "#FF0000">+ My favorite path for healics that do not want to do any damage. Insane almost constant bonuses (if you use non-damaging powers) to your defenses and constant penalties to your enemies attacks at 16. Plus good powers.

Miracle Worker (DP) semi "#FF0000">+ since the encounter power damages. Best healing path for balanced, lazers, and healics that are willing to do damage.

Radiant Servant (PHB) "#f0b000">R Default path for lazer clerics who focus on radiant powers since you crit on a 19-20. Ok for some balanced builds as well. Focused on undead and demons, but still useful against other enemies as well.

Scourge of Io (D369)

Good against dragons and ok against other things. The action point benefit only works against dragons.

Soul Guide (MOTP) "#f0b000">R Ranged radiant path. Best against shadow and undead and the utility power only effects them. The other radiant themed paths are more consistently useful.

Soul Reaper (D380)

Must worship Raven Queen. Ignore necrotic resistance, but not many cleric powers are necrotic. Action point movement is very situational. The utility power is a very nice ally reroll effect. Both the encounter and daily powers (which potentially can hurt allies) are str or wis implement powers.

Truthseeker (DP)

Very good against specific enemies (those that use fear, polymorph, & psychic powers and against phasing/insubstantial/teleporting) but just ok in general. Very powerful utility and good daily power. Good for balanced and lazer. I prefer paths that are always useful.

Warpriest (PHB)

Really for balanced clerics more than battle clerics since both the powers use wisdom and the encounter power is a weapon power. The utility power and 16th level abilities require you to use a weapon. If a battle cleric has a decent wisdom and a weapon/implement it is a good choice for them.

Zealous Demagogue (D377) "#FF0000">+ Good bonuses for allies, but I do not like the encounter powers.

Cleric Racial

Seldarine Dedicate (DP)

Lets you use a bow as your implement, but you have to be elf or eladrin (or half-elf). Long range powers, along with shifting and extra uses of healing word. I will put a specialized build for this later on.

Stone Keeper (DP)

Another rare strength path, but you have to be a dwarf trained in history. It is a solid path all around that lets you do extra damage and knock larger creatures prone on a crit. Also you get to use divine fortune as your go to CD power.