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Powers: Paragon Tier

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Level 13 Encounter


Angel's Rescue (DP)

vs AC . You can use when you charge, it does more single target damage than the other weapon powers of this level, and you automatically move an ally. Errata changed the attack stat to strength.

Arc of the Righteous (PHB)

Melee lightning attack that targets AC and potentially hits another target 3 squares away for a liitle bit of control. Unfortunately clerics do get enough lightning powers to specialize in it easily. Promise of victory can do more damage if you set it up right without much difficulty and it debuffs.

Inspiring Strike (PHB) "#008000">C Targets AC with 15 plus charisma mod surge free healing for you or an ally. Good for battle clerics who find themselves low on healing, but does the least damage of the strength powers for this level.

Invocation of War (D384)

Targets AC for a little damage. Gives bonus damage to next hit against target, with more damage if you wield it two hanged. This is red if you are wielding a one handed weapon.

Promise of Victory (DP)

vs AC Its a close burst that debuffs multiple enemies' defenses. If you find yourself next to multiple enemies a lot and have enough healing this is a good choice for battle clerics.


Chains of Blazing Light (D379) "#f0b000">R + "#008000">C Daze up to four creatures in burst. If they get hit they take extra damage next time. Similar to remorse, but bigger area, debuff is slightly worse, and does nothing for allies. targets reflex.

Crown of Light (DP) "#f0b000">R C

vs reflex Gives a nice power boost to an ally based on your charisma and then attack every enemy next to them. Use it on a surrounded ally.

Deadly Lure (DP) "#FF0000">+ vs will This makes them vulnerable to damage but has the +/- of also making them come right next to you because of its short range. The DM gets to decide how they move to you. Ranged clerics in general do not want enemies right next to them, so balanced clerics might find this more useful. There are lots of possibilities, but it really depends on the encounter and how the field is set up. I would take remorse first since it is similar and has more targets, but is less situational.

Mantle of Glory (PHB) "#f0b000">R Large blast that targets will, hurts enemies, and heals allies. Biggest size for level by far and does not provoke.

Plague of Doom (PHB) "#008000">C Targets fort, but potentially very powerful debuff for one enemy if you have a high charisma and does ok damage.

Remorse (DP) "#FF0000">+ vs will Makes enemies vulnerable and lets allies in small burst spend a healing surge.

Strength or Wisdom

Union of "#000000">Three Fates (D380) Another "#000000">implement power from this dragon article, but this one is actually ranged, so strength clerics with a decent implement or weapon/implement might want it for varity. It does cold and/or necrotic damage to three different creatures and heals one other one.

Level 15 Daily


Holy Spark (PHB)

Targets will and does ongoing lightning damage to enemy and nearby allies so has potential to do the most overall damage of strength powers for this level. Miss effect is not good.

Ivory Rampart (DP)

vs AC Doesn't do much damage, but creates a decent sized sustainable wall that provides cover for allies and immobilizes enemies. You do not get many wall powers so worth taking a look.

Wrath of the Faithful (DP)

vs AC Good damage, reliable, and you get a bonus if enemy is surrounded so you will hit with it eventually. But no leader or control effects.


Brilliant Censure (DP) "#FF0000">+ R

vs fort Close burst that blinds (save ends) and for the rest of the encounter your allies do extra damage if they are near you.

Divine Reprisal (DP) "#f0b000">R Immediate reaction vs will Lets you help an ally by letting them spend a surge and make a save, while doing a little bit of damage. Good for when the attack really messes them up and can prevent them from going below 0 or suffering from a nasty save ends effect. Only single target wisdom power of level.

Penance of Blood (DP) "#FF0000">+ Gives enemies vulnerability until end of encounter and greatly increases effectiveness of other vulnerability powers. If you took lots of powers like remorse this stacks well with them and increases its rating to skyblue.

Purifying Fire (PHB) "#008000">C Burst 2 power that does ongoing fire damage and surge free healing for you allies next to those taking the ongoing damage. If you did not take flame strike this is similar, but with healing. Not much on a miss.

Sacred Armistice (D379) Targets allies too! "#FF0000">+ Large blast vs will that prevents creatures from attacking and your healing word alse buffs defenses for rest of encounter. (The excerpt has a typo that refers to the Angelic Witnesses utility, but they fixed it in the final version. It still targers all creatures)

Seal of Warding (PHB) "#f0b000">R Close burst, targets will for good damage and does radiant. Creates sustainable zone of difficult terrain that grants you and your allies cover from ranged attacks. The difficult terrain effects your allies to and they may not want to be in it. I would take tree of creation over this.

Summon Black Reaper (D372) "#008000">C Minor Action Fast flying summoned creature with reach that attacks AC with your wisdom, but deals necrotic damage based on your charisma. If it kills something you and one ally get surge free healing. Power says that it has reach 2 for OAs, but does not says it has threatening reach so that is your DMs call. Clerics get few summoning powers, but this one will not hit that often.

Tree of Creation (D375) "#f0b000">R Close burst vs will that does radiant damage. Sustainable zone that protects against will/psychic attacks and lets allies make saves against dazed, domniated, and stunned conditions at beginning of turn. Does a little bit of auto radiant damage. Really good effects, but situational.

Level 16 Utility


Air Walk (DP)

Kind of like flying, but not really.

Cloak of Peace (PHB)

Really nice defensive buff for an ally in trouble, but it ends if they attack.

Cure Crit Wounds (DP)

This should bring your ally from 0 to near full hitpoints, but takes a standard action. Not that this is bad, but with something like Divine armor, cloak of courage, or hallowed ground you could probably proactively do more to help multiple allies not need to be healed in the first place. And many parties will have lots of surge free healing options by this point.

Divine Armor (PHB)

The bonus you get is only ok, but encounter long damage resistance is nice. Depending on your party this might become less useful at epic when this sort of resistance becomes more common.

Hallowed Ground (PHB)

The bonuses are all power bonuses, but they are varied and it is a large zone.

Healing Circle (PHBH2) "#008000">C Big zone that increases your healing effects when allies spend healing surges. Good for non pacifist healers with high charisma.

Radiant Beams (DP) "#f0b000">R High resistance, but limited to necrotic and they do a little bit of auto radiant. Good if you face a lot of undead.


Astral Shield (PHB)

Untyped AC bonus that lasts till the end of the encounter every encounter that can be moved around.

Cloak of Courage (DP)

Surge worth of temporary hitpoints for nearby allies. Its not a healing power so you do not get to add bonuses. Less useful if your party has hellocks, rageblood barbarians, etc. in it.

Unexpected Return (DP)

Like return from deaths door, but shorter range. Hopefully you will not have allies dropping to 0 each encounter.

At will

Eternal Barrier (D384)

Lets you use a standard action to create a sustainable zone where your party can ignore difficult terrain. Why can't clerics get any good at will utilities like the warlock?

Level 17 Encounter


Blinding Light (PHB) "#f0b000">R Targets fort and blinds. Ok damage

Divine Phalanx (DP) "#f0b000">R vs AC Not much damage, but a useful teleport/buff power that works even if you miss to rearrange your party so the defenders are in front of you with the ranged strikers and other squishes behind you (with a power bonus to their ac and attack!) Good to action point and follow up with a close burst utility like cloak of courage.

Halo of Peace (DP) "#f0b000">R vs AC Ok Damage and good debuff. It help protects all your allies instead of the 1 sentinal strike definitely protects from damage.

Sentinal Strike (PHB)

Targets AC and decent damage. Reduces damage from that enemy against 1 ally to 0 until end of your next turn. That will come in handy for battle clerics subbing as defenders.


Entrall (PHB)

targets will in fairly big burst and enemies immobilized unable to attack you until end of your next turn.

Life stealing light (D372)

Close burst that targets will, does necrotic damage and potentially grants allies a little bit of surge free healing.

Malediction (DP) "#FF0000">+ vs will Short range, weakened and dazed. Not bad, but the other no damage power of the level autohits and that is hard to pass up.

Starry Snare (DP) "#f0b000">R vs fort Very useful against certain enemies like insubstantial undead, but it immobilizes everyone. Only single target, while enthrall also immobilizes, targets will, and has better range.

Thunderous word (PHB) "#008000">C Big blast that targets Reflex and pushes enemies 3 plus cha mod and lets your allies shift 1. Clerics do not have many ally moving powers, but this one is only ok for that. The push effect can be pretty big by this point for high charisma types. It gets bumped up to blue for parties that really need help with movement of allies and enemies.


Sever the Source (DP) "#FF0000">+ This auto hits, but keys off of wisdom for the vulnerablility and prevents helaing. Short range so possible choice for battle clerics who want a ranged attack. Use with penance of blood.

Level 19 Daily


Beacon of Doom (DP)

vs AC A Warlordish power that can be good if you have lots of people who can make good basic attacks. It does just a little damage and half that on a miss. The effect is a big penalty to defense (save ends with a penalty) and your allies get to make a series of basic attacks against it. Depending on party make up and equipment (cunning blade) this can be more useful and rates up to a skyblue, but its usefulness is party dependent.

Holy Wrath (PHB) "#f0b000">R Note that this is an implement power Vs AC for close burst radiant damage. Gives you regeneration 10 and +2 power bonus on attacks for rest of encounter so all clerics can find this effect useful. Really only balanced will take this unless you are a strength cleric that ended up with a good implement.

Greater Augment of War (D384)

5+ str mod bonus damage to ally's weapon and the hit enemy is slowed and grants CA to you.

Indomitable Spirit (PHB)

Vs AC for ok damage. Lets everyone, including you, within 5 squares heal as if they spent a healing surge even if you miss.

Necrotic Transference (D372) "#008000">C Vs Will and does most single target damage. On hit lets one ally regain a healing surge, which is good for long days. Does not actually heal. Indomitable spirits effect is significantly better since it is as if everyone nearby spent a healing surge, even if you miss. You will hit more with this and possibly do more damage, but it is not worth it.

Realm of Battle (DP) "#f0b000">R vs AC Does good damage and Creates a large zone that gives a small power bonus of ac and attack to your allies and enemies provoke OA on a shift.


Firestorm (PHB)

Giant area burst vs Reflex. Sustainable zone of fire that autodamages. By far does the most damage for this level, but no other effect.

Knight of Glory (PHB)

Conjure knight that targets AC for ok damage. Does not need to be sustained and attacks as a minor action.

Miraculous Intervention (DP) "#FF0000">+ Immediate int vs will. Let target spend a surge and attack enemies around him for stunned save ends.

Moment of Peace (DP) "#FF0000">+ vs will Target in giant blast: attacks deal no damage (save ends) or for until end of your next turn if you miss.

Suprenal Radiance (DP) "#f0b000">R vs will Some damage and ongoing damage/stops enemies from being concealed. Large blast that is good against lurkers.

Strength or Wisdom

Breath of the "#800080">Raven Queen (D380) TARGETS ALLIES! Implement close blast vs fort. Strength clerics might want this for variety if they have a good weapon/implement since they might be at the forefront of the party anyway. Does some cold damage and If you hit it has a series of save ends effects like immobilize and ongoing necrotic damage. Moment of peace and Firestorm are both better choices for most ranged clerics since dragon mag writers do not mind clerics targetting allies.