by lamillerran, Feb 16,2010

Powers: Heroic

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Level 1 Encounter


Healing Strike (PHB)

Good damage: heals, marks, and deals radiant. Still probably the best str prayer for this level, but it does have some competition now. vs. AC

Numinous Shield (DP)

Not much damage and similar to Priest's Shield.

Mighty Hew (D383)

Best part about this is that it is an immediate action and you not have any attack powers that are immediate actions. Does decent damage and reduces damage by an enemy.

Wrathful Thunder (PHB)

Unless you have an abundance of healing in your party or a trick that uses thunder this is not that good. It does daze at least, but at low levels you will probably rather heal or buff. vs AC

War Priest's Strike (DP)

Good radiant damage and target grants combat advantage.


Bane (DP) "#FF0000">+ Ranged 10 vs will with a really good debuff based on your charisma mod.

Cause Fear (PHB) "#FF0000">+ Targets will and makes them run away. You do not do damage, but they may get hit by opportunity attacks.

Divine Glow (PHB)

Blast that does radiant damage vs ref and gives a slight boost to allies. Only area of effect power for level, but short range.

Exacting Utterance (DP) "#FF0000">+ Short range and grants vulnerability to enemy and temp hitpoints to ally.

Shield Bearer (DP)

Only long range power of level that does direct damage. The conjuration boosts allies AC until end of next turn, but there is a good chance it won't be near ally

Vengeful Flare (D379)

Potentially highest single target damage of all ranged powers of level and decent debuff of enemy's defenses. targets reflex