by lamillerran, Mar 15,2010

Powers: Epic Tier

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Level 22 Utility


Angel of the eleven winds (PHB)

Lets an ally fly and you can switch which ally flies each turn.

Clarion Call of the Astral Sea (PHB)

Teleports them till the beginning of their next turn, heals them up, range and lets them move to a new location

Cloud Chariot (PHB)

Five people can fly around all day with cover. You are in trouble if you have more than 5 or 1 of party can become/is large which can happen at epic.

Death for Death (D380)

Ally trades surge for reroll of attack with your wisdom mod as a bonus. That is a sweet boost and all but gaurantees your barbarian friend hits with a dialy he just missed, but the other dailies are pretty good for this level.

Heal (DP)

Must be adjacent. Mass cure serious wounds will usually be more useful. And clarion call of the astral sea also brings them up to max, but has better range and moves/protects them

Mass Cure Serious Wounds (DP)

Heal most (if not all) of the damage for everyone around you without spending any surges. Probably best healing power of the level.

Prayer Made Real (D379)

Power bonues to saves and potentially defenses and attacks if you have used CD and healing word powers recently. Power bonuses and conditions. I like adjure the chosen more.

Purify (PHB)

Ends all save ends condition in a burst

Revive (DP)

If you screw up and someone dies, this brings em back, I prefer powers that prevent them from dying in the first place. The second level return for deaths door is better in some ways for mid combat since it is immediate interrupt and has better range. If you do not have that power that ups the value of this one to blue.

Sealing Deaths Door (Drag 372)

No one can die while in this sustainable zone, but they can take damage. If they get pulled/bullrushed/teleported out of the zone they can die if they were at zero.

Spirit of Health (PHB)

All it does is let allies spend healing surges.


Adjure the chosen (DP)

Everyone in a close burst gets a power bonus to speed, damage, and attacks and crits on a 18-20.

Ramparts of Light (DP)

Good range and prevents a good amount of damage for one ally. Adjure the chosen is the only other encounter power and it does a lot more for the party.

Level 23 Encounter


Divine Censure (PHB)

Huh? Targets AC, Ok damage, and gives the same debuff as an at will wizard power. Why is this level 23? You are better off with healing strike than this power. Divine fervor does more damage and has a better effect.

Divine Fervor (DP) "#f0b000">R Upgraded healing strike vs AC. You and an ally spend a healing surge and does good damage.

Haunting Strike (PHB)

Targets AC with a +2, Good Damage, and you get a power bonus on your next attack against him.

Mortal Terror (DP)

vs AC Target runs away by safest path.


Astral Blades of Death (PHB) "#f0b000">R Great name, but just does radiant damage vs ref.

Healing Torch (PHB) "#f0b000">R C

Huge area of radiant damage, targets will, and even if you miss all of your allies in the area get to spend a healing surge plus your charisma mod and gets a power bonus to their ac equal to your charisma mod.

Rebuke the Wrathful (DP) "#FF0000">+ vs will Can be better with a party with lots of good basic attacks, but enemies can move out of range or not attack..

Spirit Flame (DP)

vs ref End a bunch of bad conditions on yourself and some on your party (stunned, weakened, etc.) in a large blast. Not much damage.

Word of Deterrence (DP) "#f0b000">R vs will Immediate reaction. (I originally had this as a non-damage power, but the power causes direct damage, it just has a condition) Good against creatures who have action points/immediate interrupt attacks.

Level 25 Daily


Nimbus of Doom (PHB) "#f0b000">R Vs Ac. Good damage and an ok -2 to defense (save ends). But suffers when compared to powers like righteous might.

Flames of Torment (DP) "#008000">C Vs ref, but better for those with high charisma because of the debuff

Prayer of Victory (DP) "#f0b000">R Vs AC and grants ally shifting and power bonus to attacks.

Righteous Might (DP)

Vs AC nice effect that increases your reach, damage, and speed, and ac. Batlle clerics probably want this.

Seal of Protection (PHB) "#f0b000">R This power uses an implement vs reflex. Close burst radiant damage. The effect is nice. A sustainable zone that gives untypes +2 bonus to you and your allies AC and enemies end their movement when they enter the zone. Good for balanced builds


Divine Intervention (DP) "#FF0000">+ Immediate Interrupt vs fort. Switch positions and blind adjecent allies. You take damage and they get temp hitpoints. Not that impressive.

Life Lanterns (DP) "#FF0000">+ vs will Weakens (save ends) up to 3 enemies and can daze enemies/provide some surgeless healing.

Sacred Word (PHB)

Stuns enemies with pyschic damage in big close burst area, but no stun on a miss and targets fortitude.

Seal of Binding (PHB)

Targets will and stuns. This is possibly broken since you can keep the target stunned for a long time as long as you can absorb the damage and can spend standard actions, which is not to hard. They errated this so that if you are bloodied you can't sustain it, but with a second leader in the party or some other way for another party member to heal you is still really good.


Soulshock Field (D375)

Ok sustainable zone that does auto lighting damage to enemies. If an enemy dies while in the zone you or an ally gets to spend a healing surge. If you or an ally takes lightning or thunder damage while in the zone you can spend a surge as an interrupt. There are much better choices.

Level 27 Encounter


Brutal Grace (D384)

vs AC for good damage and lets allies make a save.

Punishing Strike (PHB)

+4 bonus to hit vs AC and good damage single target damage. Boring and does not help you be a better leader, but accurate.

Sacrificial Healing (PHB) "#008000">C Vs AC. Every ally within 10 gets to spend a healing surge and add you charisma modifier.

Scouring Smite (DP) "#f0b000">R Vs Fort and good area debuff. Will probably cause most overall damage of all str powers.

Stroke of Ruin (DP)

vs ac and weakens and damages or stuns with no damage if it has resistance to necrotic.


Divine Contempt (DP) "#008000">C vs will Some damage, stuns and debuffs their attack after they are stunned

Healer's Reproof (DP) "#FF0000">+ Close burst 1 vs will Stuns multiple targets and then heals 1 ally in area.

Scourge of the Unworthy (PHB)

Good range, but only ok debuff and damage for that level and does necrotic vs ref.

Sublime Light (DP) "#f0b000">R vs ref Blast that damages and blinds. Lets you and allies make a save and cancels enemies invisibility even if you miss.

Sunburst (PHB) "#f0b000">R C

Targets will in area burst for radiant damage. Each ally in area gets some surge free healing with your charisma mod as a bonus and makes a saving throw.

Level 29 Daily


Astral Exile (DP) "#f0b000">R vs AC Does damage and exiles an enemy (Save ends) on a hit and dazes.

Godstrike (PHB) "#f0b000">R Targets AC for 7(W) Radiant damage. Not really better than nimbus of Doom, which is level 25. Generally less useful than other choices since it has no leaderish benefits to it. I like some of the level 25 dailies more.

Stern Judgment (DP)

vs will. Potential blinding when they take the ongoing damage.


Astral Storm (PHB)

Big area burst that targets reflex and creates a big zone and potentially ignores resistances for the first attack. Sustainable zone does lightning damage.

Breath of the Stars (DP) "#f0b000">R vs Fort. Big blast of cold that pushes and dazes. Allies in blast get lots of surge free healing.

Chains of the Peacemaker (DP) "#FF0000">+ vs Will Really hinders one creature's attacks with a save ends and an aftereffect

Enforced Surrender (DP) "#FF0000">+ vs will Dominates and then lets allies beat up on one creature.