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Cleric's Handbook

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Acknowledgments and Sources

This is essentially a repost of GelatinousOctahedron's excellent cleric handbook. The original thread is Holy Smoke! A Cleric's Handbook. That thread has active discussion and is pretty much guaranteed to be more up-to-date than the wiki, so if you want to comment on something in this handbook, go there.
The style is taken from lordduskblade's wiki handbooks, in particular from his Fighter Handbook.

Holy Smoke! A Cleric's Handbook

[[Image:|Human Cleric of Pelor]]
Your God(s) wants you to go forth out into the world and wreck havoc/bring peace/do something to the world, depending on who you choose to serve. Many beings may worship your god, but you are invested with divine power as a leader and your god expects that you will be out there in the thick of battle. Your profession has several options in battle from smashing stuff to shooting lazers out of your holy symbol to preaching at your enemies to summoning stuff to doing all of these at once. You tend to be better at healing than other leaders and no matter what choices you make healing will always be some part of your abilities. But if you want to, you can be the best at this. You can be strong, wise, and/or charismatic. Finally, what god you choose to follow will effect what you can do to a huge extent as well. You have lots of choices ahead of you. So choose wisely!

Rating System

  • Red: Don't take this, there is always something better
  • Purple: Might be useful sometimes, but there are almost always better options
  • Black: Good enough
  • Blue: Good choice and might be the best depending on different factors.
  • Sky Blue: Almost always one of the best choices


  • PHB: Player's Handbook
  • PHB2: Player's Handbook 2
  • DP: Divine Power
  • FRPG: Forgotten Realms Player's Guide
  • MM: Monster Manual
  • MM2: Monster Manual 2
  • AV: Adventurer's Vault
  • AV2: Adventurer’s Vault 2
  • D#: Dragon Magazine #
  • MOTP: Manual of the Planes
  • PHBH: Player's Handbook Heroes
  • MP: Martial Power
  • AP: Arcane Power
  • EPG: Eberron Player's Guide

Thanks to everyone who contributes! If you want to contribute to this handbook, go to GelatinousOctahedron's original thread: Holy Smoke! A Cleric's Handbook.