by lamillerran, Mar 15,2010

Heroic Feats: Racial

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Several of these feats require that you are a cleric or in a divine class.


Breath of Life (DP)

Breath weapon only targets enemies and you get temp hitpoints. Combines nicely with enlarged dragonbreath

Adaptable breath (D365)

Breath weapon can do a second type of damage

Hurl Breath (D365)

Use breath weapon as ranged area attack

Avowed Dragonfoe (D365)

get bonuses to attack dragons. Might be useful if you face a lot of dragons.

Broken shackles (FRPG)

Will and charm save bonus

Dragonborn Frenzy (PHB)

do more damage when bloodied

Dragonborn senses (PHB)

low light vision and feat bonus to perception.

Enlarged Dragon Breath (PHB)

Bigger blast

Radiant Breath (D378)

Breath weapon is also radiant


Dodge Giants

Later on you fill face a good number of large creatures.

Dwarven Battle Priest (DP)

Get temp HP when you use healing word

Dwarven Weapon Training (PHB)

Great for battle and balanced clerics since it combines superior weapon proficiency and (kind of) weapon focus.

Gold Dwarf Pride (FRPG)

Get bonus to attack and AC if you drop to 0. You will not use this much

Shield the Fallen (FRPG)

+2 bonus to defenses of adjecent bloodied or helpless allies


(I really do not like the fey step add ons since they add extra conditions to an encounter power, but Healing step is probably the best of the bunch)

Eladrin Soldier (PHB)

A good feat in general, but they few Eladrin clerics out there are probably going to be ranged clerics. And spears and longswords are best for balanced clerics.

Fey Escape (D373)

Use fey step as an immdediate reaction to avoid being stuck.

Healing Step (DP)

Fey step grant temp HP and shift to adjacent ally

Moon Elf Resilience (FRPG)

Spend a healing surge if you are bloodied and fey step to an isolated spot. Lots of conditions.

Sun Elf Grace (FRPG)

+1 bonus to defenses after you fey step and if you are not yet bloodied. Too many conditions.


Blessing of Corellon (DP)

Allies get to spend a healing surge when you use elven accuracy.

Wild Elf Luck (FRPG)

Add 1d4 (average of 2.5) to elven accuracy.

Wood Elf Agility (FRPG)

Ups average of athletics/acrobatics rolls.

Elven Precision (PHB)

Add +2 to elven accuracy

Light step

Ok skill bonuses and increases party speed.


Remember you can pick from Human and Elf, though not all of them will do anything for you.

Religious Dabbler (DP)

A second divine dilletante power, but you can't use both in same encounter. Retrain this at paragon

Group insight (PHB)

Group gets +1 to insight and init.


Melee halflings will want to consider multiclassing fighter since that opens up a bunch of useful feats from dragon that make up for your small size.

Blessed Scoundrel (DP)

Successful use of second chance lets you spend surge.

Blessing of Avandra (DP)

Successful use of second chance and ally can spend surge.

Ghostwise Heritage (D376)

Share perception rolls

Halfing Agility (PHB)

Enemy takes -2 on second roll for second chance. If you take one of the above "Bless" feats this synergizes.

Lost in the Crowd (PHB)

+2 to AC when next to 2 larger enemies, which is most of your enemies


Divine Approval (DP)

Get a free save when you use a CD power.

Shared Perseverance (DP)

when you let an ally make a save they get a +1 bonus.

Stubborn Survivor (FRPG)

+2 to saves when no action points.

Action Surge (PHB)

+3 to attacks with action point

Human perseverance (PHB)

+1 to saves

Human Resolve (D377)

Temp hitpoints that key off your charisma when you spend an action point.


Infernal blessing (DP)

Surgefree healing and an attack bonus for an adjacent ally when you you infernal wrath.

Scion of the gods (FRPG)

bonus to will and fort that you should retrain at paragon

Ferocious Rebuke (PHB)

When you hit with inferanal wrath push 1

Hellfire blood (PHB)

Clerics have a good number of fire and fear powers.


Battle intuition (D374)

Better than improved initiative.

Heavenly heritage (D374)

Gain Temp hit points when you take cold/fire damage.

Immortal Skill (D374)

Makes memories of a lifetime do about 1 more on average.

Majestic presence (DP)

Gives adjacent allies necrotic and radiant resistance and scales.

Scourge of the Fellen (D374)

extra damage, but must be good and only works on a small catagory of targets and only when using memories. Way too situational

Upright Revival (D374)

Stand up and shift when you come back from 0, Probably won't be used enough.

Auspicious Lineage (PHB2)

average of +1 more to memories power.

Potent Rebirth (PHB2)

+2 to attacks after you drop to 0. Probably won't be used that much, but a little better than upright revivial.

Radiant Power (PHB2)

Power attack for radiant implement attacks. I do not like trading to hit for damage.

Githzerai (PHB3)

Alhahn's Mindful Relocation (PHB3)

Shift your speed with racial power.

Dakshai's Body-Mind Union

Trade iron mind for a save with bonus. Do not take with other feats that boost Iron Mind.

Iron Resolve of Zerthadlun

Does not really help clerics.

Miryath's First Strike

Do a lot of extra psychic damage. Take psychic lock if you take this feat.

Zuwoth's Enlightened Step

This is useful for lazer clerics who win initiative since you can use a ranged attack up close.


Feyborn Fortune (DP)

You are not going to be using divine fortune enough for this to be worth it.

Hidden Channeling (D376)

Gain concealment after channel divinity.

Fey Trickster (PHB2)

Mage hand can be useful.

Group Stealth (PHB2)

Party Dependent

Shadow Skulk (PHB2)

Stay hidden when you miss with ranged attacks. Lazer clerics might want this.


I like all the heroic racial feats so far for Goliaths

Kord's resilience (DP)

Adjecent allies get to share your stone endurance power.

Goliath Great Weapon Prowess (PHB2)

If you do the math taking a superior weapon and weapon focus does a tiny bit more damage than taking this power when you are dealing with multi (W) powers, an average of 1 point per extra W. But this is a still very good deal as it is almost the equivalent of those 2 feats in 1. Great Axe is probably your best bet stat wise, but maul and heavy war pick also use con and greatsword gives you increased accuracy.

Makings of the blessed (PHB2)

Roll twice for first save.

Markings of the Victor (PHB2)

Roll twice for first attack


Furious Devotion (DP)

+2 bonus to damage after you use CD power. Does not scale weapon focus is more consistent so battle clerics take that first. Applies to non weapon powers too.

Anger Unleahed (PHB2)

+2 to damage for round after bloodied. Does not scale weapon focus is more consistent so battle clerics take that first. Applies to non weapon powers too

Savage Assault (PHB2)

After furious assault take enemy takes -1 to defenses.

Thirst for Battle

+3 to init and another healing surge.


Holy Savagery (DP)

+1 to melee attacks till end of next turn while bloodied after using CD. Too conditional, but some battle clerics might want it.

Shifter's Agility (EBPG)

+5 to acrobatics and athletics while using shifter power.

Sturdy Shifter (EBPG)

Get scaling temp hitpoints when using your shifter power. Probably the best of the lot.

Blurring Claws (PHB2)

(razorclaw) when using shifter power +2 to melee damage. Get weapon focus first.

Gorebrute Charge (PHB2)

(longtooth) +3 damage while charging and using shifting power. Clerics do not charge that much. Get weapon focus first

Wild Senses (PHB2)

If you have perception training then this might actually be worth taking because you also get an init bonus.

Changeling (EBPH)

Fickle Servant (DP)

Pick whatever domain feats you want and get a +3 to religion.

Shapeshifting Contortionist (EBPG)

Will almost never use

Drow (FRPG)

Brilliant Darkfire (DP)

Darkfire power causes radiance vulnerability

Darkfire Vitality (DP)


Instinctive Darkness (D367)

Cloud of Darkness as immediate reaction frees up actions

Lolth's Meat (D367)

+1 to attack after reducing someone to 0. Too conditional

Shadowslip (D367)

You will use the shifting

Xendrik Weapon training (EBPG)

Not that useful for a cleric.

Clutch of Darkness (FRPG)

not bad improvements

Shield of Shadows (FRPG)


Genasi (FRPG)

Elemental Blessing (DP)

Racial Power gives ally temp hitpoints

Earthshock master (D367)

reliable and more damage

Fast Manifestation (D367)

More manifestation Power usage is good

Firepulse master (D367)

reliable and more damage

Genasi Fire Affinity (D367)

Clerics With fire (save ends) powers will want this

Genasi Frost Affinity (D367)

ok resistance/immunities

Primordial Surge (D367)

Temp hitpoints are nice

Extra Manifestation (FRPG)

Combine with fast manifestation

Manifest Resistance (FRPG)

Possibly overkill

Versatile resistance (FRPG)

Best if you do not have any of them already Does not scale

Kalashtar (EBPH)

Clarity of Spirit (DP)

Use racial power, ally spends surge

Group Mindthink (EBPG)

Depends how much tabletalk is allowed by DM. Useful in RP

Quori Shield (EBPG)

Rare resistance

Telepathic Sensitivity (EBPG)

DM dependent

Warforged (EBPG)

Holy Resolve (DP)

More healing after using racial power

Warforged Faith (DP)

If adjacent then ally gets good effects when you use warforged resolve. Conditional

Component Modification (EBPG)

Makes resolve power better, but only if you have lots of modifications.

Immutability (EBPG)

Better saves with warforged resolve

Improved Warforged Resolve (EBPG)

Purple by itself, but it is a prereq to some very good feats like immutability. More temp hitpoints, but does not scale

Warforged Tactics

This situation will happen enough that battle clerics can make good use of the untyped +1 to attack


Butcher's Lure (D367)

Ghost Sound?

Carrion Eater (D367)

Too rare to be that useful

Claw Fighter (D367)

You are better off just taking short sword proficiency since at least you enchant those.

Gnoll Tracker (D367)

If you have the perception skill this is ok.


Goring Shove (D369)

Push 1 once an encounter? If you building your character around this power it is ok since they are prone too.

Greathorn (D369)

1 more average damage. If you building your character around this power it is ok.

Natural Cunning (D369)

Better than skill foce perception and it is an important skill.

Opportunity Gore (D369)

This is pretty useful since it is an OA that knocks prone if it hits. Good for those battle clerics who want to defend.


(I am not going do all the double racial feats. They are generally worth taking.)

Chill of the Grave (D376)

Helps racial power overcome resistances and opens up some cold exploitation.

Dark Feasting (D376)

Temp hitpoints when you hit with racial power.

Death's Blessing (D376)

I doubt that most players worry much about eating. The not being a living creature part might have some exlpoits.

Death's Quickening (D376)

Extra minor action when you drop to 0. Get off a healing word.

Empowered Reaping (D376)

Racial power does a little more damage

Grave Forture (D380)

Must worship Raven Queen. Extra damage with diving fotune.

Past Life Flashbacks (D376)

If you do not mind going last more often this is a nice boost.

Reaper's Resistance (D376)

Scaling damage resistance is good.

Remembered Knack (D376)

Slightly better than regular skill training.

Spectral Reaping (D376)

Probably too rare to be useful.


Benighted Birthright (D372)

Non scaling resistance with a save bonus. Good for heoric

Deathly Disruption (D372)

You probably do not have enough necrotic powers for this to be worth it.

Devious Jaunt (D372)

If you have the int this is decent

Life on the Edge (D372)

If you save your action points this is not bad.

Winter Favored (D372)

Non scaling resistance with a save bonus. Good for heoric