by lamillerran, Mar 16,2010

Heroic Feats: Weapons, Implements, and Armor

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These need to be some of your first feats. You only have so many feats so do not go overboard here. Spend 2 at most on armor/shield proficiencies and 1 on weapon prof. See my "A long note about Clerics, Abilities Scores, and AC" above for more details.:

Battle Cleric Armaments (D379)

Take this instead of light shield proficiency or a martial weapon proficiency feat if you have 15 strength. This gives you both and can let you take a weapon like a longsword or warhammer until you have a free feat slot later on for a superior 1-H weapon if you really want one. This makes not taking a superior weapon a decent option if there are other feats you want more.

Shield Proficiency light (PHB)

Not bad, take battle cleric armaments instead.

Shield Proficiency Heavy (PHB)

If you have low con this is easier to qualify for than scale prof.

Scale Proficiency (PHB)

If you have the stats for it upgrade your armor proficiencies pretty soon.

Implement"#000000">/Weapon Expertise (PHB2) Try to convince your DM to give these to you free. You definitely need take one or focused expertise by mid paragon. Balanced clerics sadly will need both unless they can get hold of a weapon that doubles as an implement, in which case take focused expertise instead. Battle clerics should just take focused expertise since it works the same as weapon expertise and they may someday get a weapon that doubles. Ranged clerics should take implement expertise unless they decide to use a weapon/implement instead of a regular holy symbol.

Focused Expertise (D375)

Battle clerics should take this instead of Weapon expertise. Balanced clerics should as well and they should try to get a hold of an weapon/implement as soon as possible, unless they want to use a specific weapon that does not count as both.

Weapon Focus

You are probably not going to have room for this, but it is not a bad choice for battle clerics. It does not really help you be a better leader, but is a better choice than astral fire for battle clerics. Balanced clerics have even less space for it.

Weapon Proficiency (PHB)

Unless you have a racial weapon feat (Goliath, Dwarf, Eladrin) then battle clerics will want to pick up a superior weapon proficiency based on their prefered weapon choice/stat bonuses or else a polearm proficiency (halberd/glaive) fairly soon. Elves probably do not want greatbow proficiency since they already get longbow proficiency for free at 1st level and can't use a great bow as an implement. Balanced clerics can put this off for a while, but they will want to improve their weapon fairly soon as well unless they stick with a mace for magic property reasons. Other ranged clerics can ignore these and stick with a mace and possibly pick up proficiceny with a parrying dagger for the +1 to AC. The only other reason you do not take this feat is if you want a shield and decide to save on feats through battle cleric armaments and settle for a martial weapon or if you use a background to get a martial weapon proficiency.

Other Heroic Feats

Blade opportunist (PHB)

I suspect you will not be making enough opportunity attacks to make this worth taking and definitely take the expertise and superior proficiency feats first.

Nimble blade

(PHB) why are you using a light blade?

Polearm momentum

(PHB) you probably do not have enough powers that push to make it worth it.
(Note that if you multicass in fighter or other martial class more weapon and shield feats are opened up to you from martial power, PHB and dragon. There are really too many of these to fit into a cleric's guide, but some will be mentioned in the multiclassing section)