by lamillerran, Mar 15,2010

Heroic Feats: General

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A quick note on damage feats: in general for leaders its better to focus on boosting "to hit" bonuses than it is to worry about boosting damage. Not that boosting damage is bad, but you only have so many feats and most leader at will and encounter powers have riders that only take effect if you hit. Usually getting these riders to take effect is more important than doing a little more damage. I encourage clerics to look at feats like weapon/implement expertise, distant advantage, and coordinated explosion before looking at astral fire or weapon focus.

Alertness (PHB)

The bonus to perception never hurts, but divine oracles definitely do not wnat this.

Astral Fire (PHB)

You have enough radiant and fire powers so that lazer clerics could get good use out of this. Other clerics probably won't get as much out of it, but if you care about doing damage then this is a good choice.

Combat Medic (PHB2)

You should have enough healing powers that those are usually a better option than trying to stabilize someone. It does help your heal checks.

Combat reflexes (PHB)

Battle clerics probably should not take this since there

Coordinated Explotion (PHB2)

Lazer clerics should definitely take this. Really helps you hit with Aoe Powers and you already want to include your allies in them.

Corageous Example (D377)

When you succeed on a saving throw an ally gets a bonus to a save

Crusaders Fury (D377)

You will probably not be getting enough oppotunity attacks to make this worth it, even with a high charisma.

Dark Fury (PHB)

Very few clerics will have enough psychic or necrtotics powers to take this.

Defensive Mobility (PHB)

Some ranged clerics might consider this.

Distant Advantage (PHB2)

Ranged clerics will want to get this if they can find room for it.

Durable (PHB)

If you find that you run out of healing surges consider this. It is not a bad feat, but with surgefree healing it is less useful than it used to be,

Echoes of Thunder (PHB2)

There are very few thunder powers.

Expert Ritualist (PHB2)

You are better off taking another skill boosting feat.

Fast Runner (PHB)

Only very specific builds will get much out of this.

Improved Initiative (PHB)

Better initiative never hurts, but you have better things to worry about.

Jack of all trades (PHB)

This also never hurts, but only a few clerics will qualify for it.

Linguist (PHB)

There is a first level ritual that does almost the same thing.

Melee Training (PHB2)

Lazer clerics might want to consider it, especially if they have an implement/weapon. Healics should not bother and balanced and battle don't need it.

Oncoming Storm (PHB2)

There are not enough lightning and thunder powers to make this worth it.

Power Attack (PHB)

To hit is more important than damage for clerics.

Quick Draw (PHB)

Most clerics will not be switching items out that much.

Raging Storm (PHB)

You will probably not meet the prereqs and there are not enough lighting and thunder powers to make this worth it for most clerics

Restful Healing (PHB2)

helps with out of combat healing. I would take the in combat healing feats first.

Skill Focus (PHB)

Your skills are generally not important enough to invest in this feat. And there are lots of feats like the domain feats that do pretty much the same thing, but do something else as well.

Skill Training (PHB)

Perception (for everyone) and Athletics (for balanced/battle) are both worth taking. But you are probably better off if you can get these through MC options since those give you something extra.

Student of Moil (D371)

Bonus to Cold and necrotic powers.

Surging Flame (PHB2)

If you have a lot of fire powers this is ok.

Toughness (PHB)

Never hurts to have more HP, but only battle clerics who want to off tank should probably spend a feat for this.

Winter"#000000">touched (PHB) only 2 level 29 powers have the cold keyword. The only reason to take this is if you get a cold weapon, but clerics have a lot of other interesting options for weapons. Ranged clerics need to almost always avoid this and look for radiant and to a lesser extent fire, feats