by lamillerran, Mar 15,2010

Heroic Feats: Cleric and Divine

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Battle Healer (DP)

Battle clerics will want this. It is surge free self healing based on your strength mod, possibly multiple times each encounter and lets you worry less about keeping yourself up. There have been some questions in the comments about if these hitpoints stack and the answer is that they stack with everything since it is additional hitpoints not any sort of "bonus". This is a great feat for battle clerics and should on the top of their list unless maybe if you are playing a dwarf or longtooth shifter who can self heal reliably without using your other leader powers.

Battle Cleric Armaments (D379)

Better than light shield proficiency, but most of the good martial weapons for clerics are 2 handed. If you want to use shields at a low level this is a decent choice and if you are going hammer of moradin PP this avoids the feat tax if you want to use a craghammer. And longsword/light shield, while low damage, works well for most battle/balanced builds.

Dark Mantle (D380)

Must worship raven queen. Short term necrotic resistance in exchange for lower healing word healing. Bleh. Not worth a feat.

Defensive Grace (DP)

Anyone who takes healer's mercy and has a good charisma will want to consider this. Its usefulness really depends on how often you end up using that power and you will probably not use it each encounter.

Defensive Healing Word (DP)

I like this better than Defensive Grace since you are probably going to get a lot more uses out of it. Power bonus that stacks with shielding word

Demonbane (DP)

Target elementals. You probably will face enough of these to get more out of turn undead.

Devilbane (DP)

Target immortals. You probably will face enough of these to get more out of turn undead.

Divine Boon (D371)

Why not just use turn undead instead of divine fortune?

Domain Synergy (D379)

+2 to hit with domain at will after using domain CD. This really depends on whther the two are good to begin with.

Fate's Warning (D380)

Must worship Raven Queen. If you like divine fortune a lot this makes it better.

Greater Turning (D371)

Push when you miss with turn undead. Ok for turning focused builds.

Greater Divine Fortune (D379)

Only take this if you do not like your other CD options or you have some way to get multiple CDs per encounter.

Harbinger of Rebirth (D379)

Bonus to heal skill and allie bonus to death saves.

Healer's Implement (DP)

Add yet another bonus to your heals. Even battle clerics who are using implement/weapons or who have picked up a decent holy symbol will want to consider this.

Holy Speech (DP)

If you meet the prereq and have a DM who uses a lot of skill challenges then you might use this. But I would still probably take something else.

Nimbus of Light (DP)

This is only black if you focus on radiant powers and if your party has melee types that focus on radiant powers.

Pacifist "#FF0000">Healer (DP) Skyblue for healics, Red for everyone else. If you take this feat you need to build your character around it focusing mostly on non damage dealing powers. This has been errated basically to only stun when you make an attack roll: so ongoing damage, sustained zones etc. do not stun.

Pacifist's Reward (D379)

Really only for pacifist builds, but gives you temp hitpoints when you hit without doing damage.

Purifying Light (D371)

Saling bonus to hit with radiant prayers, but only against undead. This is very campaign dependent.

Shielding Word (D378)

Targets of healing word get untyped bonus to defenses. Stacks with defensive healing word.

Versatile Channeler (DP)

This has a lot of potential, especially if you are not interested in any other channel divinity feats or want to multiclass as another divine class. There are some powers like Divine Mettle that are just worth taking by themselves. Or if you are a battle cleric who multiclasses paladin you can take the feat Tireless Wrath and use the divine strength power until the end of your next turn.

Word of Retaliation (D379)

Healing word heals your allies a little more if they are next to enemies. For some parties this can be black such as when you have a warden/fighter good at surrounding themselves all the time.