by lamillerran, Mar 15,2010

Epic Destinies: Multiclass

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Archmage (PHB)

Unless you MC into wizard this does not do much for you. If you did this is not a bad choice, but it is really designed for pure arcane casters and there are probably better choices for you.

Eternal Defender (MP - Fighter)

good choice for battle clerics who MC fighter. Increase your reach, strength, and size of your weapon.

Undying Warrior (MP - Fighter)

Ok choice, but I think eternal defender and adamantine soldier both offer a lot more.

Adamantine Soldier (MP - Fighter or Warlord)

Lots of defensive buffs for battle clerics.

Legendary General (MP - Warlord)

Some good leadership benefits with power recovery for you and your allies, action point sharing, and letting allies spend some healing surges.

Warmaster (MP - Warlord)

Lots of extra actions.

Godhunter (MP - ranger or Rogue)

Nice bonuses when fighting higher level creatures.

Mythic Sovereign (D367 - paladin, Fighter, warlord, or ranger)

Really only for battle/balanced clerics. Some extra actions and a decent utility power.

Glorious Sprit (PHB2 - Primal)

Ok choice for battle/balanced. Good movement and extra damage.

Primal Avatar (PHB2 - Primal)

The teleport ability is nice, but the rest of the class abilities are just ok. The attack bonus works for either strength or wisdom.

Martial Archetype (MP -paragon MC as a martial class)

Get lots of neat reusable martial powers.

Immanence (AP -Arcane)

Lots of resistances. You can get those other ways and the main benefit of this class is that what you first take damage from is what you resist