by lamillerran, Mar 15,2010

Epic Destinies: General

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Deadly Trickster (PHB)

If you have the skill and stat prereq this is a fine choice, but only ranged clerics with high dex or those who maxed charisma will probably qualify.

Demigod (PHB)

(variants appear as "chosen" in FRPG/DP) You might wonder why your cleric is becoming a "god" like character so you might want to go with chosen for flavor reasons. This is always a solid choice stat bonuses and good powers. The level 30 has been errated to only work with encounter attack powers and has been errated a second time to only work 1/enc.

Eternal Seeker (PHB)

Some might look into this, but for the most part your powers are solid enough that you do not need to dip into other classes. Battle clerics who did not MC into another melee class might use this to pick up things like a fighter encounter power or a barabarian rage. And some bow clerics might also find it useful for getting ranger powers.

Harbinger of Doom (PHB2)

I really like this one for lazer/balanced clerics who take burst and blast powers since you get to reroll 1s. Not bad for any type.

Lorekeeper (PHB2)

Utility power lets your party do extra damage against some type of creatures equal to your wisdom mod. Level 30 power is best one for clerics since you get to use daily utilities as encounter powers.

Revered One (PHB2)

the level 21 and 30 features are only ok, but you can pick and use any gods CD feat and use all of them every encounter. The daily resistance utility is nice as well.

Punisher of the Gods (D372)

This is just an ok choice for clerics, although the flavor may feel a bit off since you serve a god. Battle clerics and bow clerics should have the improved crit feat by 21st level so they can get some extra action points. You do not get multiple attacks against the same target like rangers or barbarians so you will not get as much from this path as they will since the desitiny is built around mutliple single target attacks to increase the chance of crits with your immortal curse, but if you pick up multi attack powers from multiclassing this is a better choice

Reborn Champion (D365)

Pretty standard/boring destiny. Better skill checks and good utility and level 30 powers.

Darklord (D372)

The level 24 and 30 powers are nice, but not very leaderish.

Keybearer (D372)

The traveler's tricks power will let lazer clerics with burst/blast powers teleport all over the place.

Planeshaper (D372)

Int bonus probably does not do much for you, but you can use one of your encounter powers twice.

Prince of Hell (D372)

Charisma bonus and your fire attacks ignore fire resistance. Some lazer clerics can use this.

Storm Soverign (D372)

Con bonus and thunder/lighting theme.

Bahamuts Vessel (D378)

(must worship Bahamut) Boost wisdom, strength, or charisma, regain HP when spending an action point. Get a nice utilty power and evenutally turn into a dragon.

Raven Knight (D380)

(Must worship Raven Queen) Con, dex and speed bonus. Not a bad choice for battle clerics who need those stats bumped and it gives adjecent enemies -2 penalities to hit you. Decent utility and level 30 abilities.