by lamillerran, Mar 15,2010

Epic Destinies: Cleric and Divine

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Avatar of Death (DP)

To get the most out of this you need to take as many necrotic powers as you can, and clerics do not have that many. Bonus to int is only going to help a few lazer clerics. The other class features are pretty good and you have to have the Death Knell feat.

Avatar of Hope (DP)

Good stat bonuses for any cleric and useful immunity. Useful conjuration utitlity. Requires hope remains feat

Avatar of Justice (DP)

Bonus to int is only going to help a few lazer clerics and requires Immediate justice. That 30th level feature is real nice and the other class features punish enemies/reduce their effectiveness well.

Avatar of Freedom (DP)

Stat bonuses are pretty good, especially for lazer clerics but also could help battle/balanced clerics pick up a heavy blade or spear mastery feat. .Lots of save bonuses for allies and the level 30 feature is wonderful. Requires path of freedom

Avatar of War (DP)

Good stat bonuses for battle or balanced clerics. You do not grant CA and the other class features are ok. The utility is ok for a daily.

Avatar of Life (DP)

Good stats for any cleric and the best healing abilities of any of the epic destinies. Requires pulse of life

Avatar of Storm (DP)

good stat bonuses for battle clerics, but it focuses on lightning and thunder powers and clerics do not have many of those. The utility is nice and at 30 you fly. Requires storm sacrifice

Exalted Angel (DP)

resistances and flight with a pretty good encounter utility power.

Saint (DP)

Nice bonuses to defense and immunity to domination. Extra saves and healing surges for people next to you. Lots of extra healing at level 30. The daily utility is very nice and might free up some other utilities that you set up to use on dying allies.

Radiant One (D366)

You need a high int for this to be useful.

Prison of the Winds (D371)

Bonus to con and dex and speed. Other powers ok.