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Builds: Lazer Cleric

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Lazer Cleric Discussion

For lazer clerics the first choice you are going to have to make is what you are going to do about armor. You can stick with chain and have realtively low AC, you can put some points into strength to get a shield or possibly scale, or you can make dex or int your second highest or tied for hgiest stat. AC is not as important for you as for battle balanced builds since you will often be 3 or 4 squares behind your defender, but you do want to neglect it to much since the DM will still be gunnig for you. For races good ones include any with a wisdom bonus and bonuses str/con or dex/int or charisma also help. For the PHBs dwarves, elves, shifters, and khalishtar and the best choices, If the race does not have a bonus to wisdom it really should have a bonus to charisma and should not double up on str/con or dex/int like a goliath or eladrin.
For a race that has bumps to int/dex and wisdom you should probably stick with hide armor and start with a 16 16 12 12 10 8 spread or 16 14 14 13 10 8 spread. For a Deva That will look like 8 12 10 18 18 12 or 8 13 10 16 18 14. If you have a high dex then you should consider taking a ranged weapon and elves in particualr should go with a long bow. Charisma should be your 2nd or third highest stat since so many benfits key off of it. Even if you do start out with a dex bonus you might want to consider only putting a few points into it and sticking with chain so your charisma does not lag too far behind.
If you do not start out with a bonus to dex/int and do start out with a bonus to str or con you should probably go with an upgrade to better armor. A dwarf could go 16 16 13 11 10 8 and that would allow for both scale and a light shield with 13 13 10 8 18 16 and he could even pick up a heavy shield in epic with only bumps to wisdom and charisma. Both your fortitude and reflex will fall behind, but your powers will be very effective. For those who want to have an 18 in wisdom you are probably best off sticking with chain alone unless you are in a race that bumps str. A Dwarf again could go 18 14 11 10 10 8 and would end up with Str 10 Con 13 dex 10 int 8 Wis 20 and cha 14. A strength boosting race like a dragonborn could take the same spread and end up 13 10 10 8 18 16, which at least lets him pick up a light shield and his two main stats are still pretty high.
Do not take any weapon proficiency feats unless you have a high dex and then you might want to consider taking great bow proficiency, at least for low levels when you tend to run out of long range powers pretty quickly. Try to eventually pick up a melee weapon that helps you be a better leader like a healers mace or stick with a racial weapon if you have one. You might want to have a dagger in low levels to help hit with any OA that might happen. Take implement expertise as soon as you can fit it in.
For paragon paths you have lots of choices and can take divine oracle if you focusing on vs will attacks or radiant servant from PHB or Anointed Champion, Astral Savant, Holy Emmisary and Mircale Worker from DP. Elves and eladrin will want to take a look at the racial path from DP. For feats you want to take several that focus on radiant damage like Radiant Vessel or FOnt of Radiance as well as some racial and at least 1 cd feat. Turn undead is a good option since you will have a high wisdom and should have a good charisma and implement as well. For multiclassing you are best off sticking with a cleric PP, but you might want to MC in Ranger, Wizard or another class to pick up the skill and class ability. For powers take several AoE ones since those do not hurt your allies and in fact often give them boosts or healing. Radiant damage is your friend and you probably want to take powers, items, and feats that revolve around that. It is by far the most common cleric damage type, with fire a distant second.

Lazer Cleric Example

This one uses a straight 18 in wisdom and then makes use of avatar of hope to further boost wisdom and charismas at epic. This makes her a bit of a glass cannon. Big focus on radiant damage, but AC only gets 1 feat in chain specialization so I used the elf dex bonus for that at least. She might benefit from a way to make use of an extra channel divinity and her NAD's are low except for will so she could use some boosts to those through items as well.
Sister Sunbeam, level 30
Elf, Cleric, Radiant Servant, Avatar of Hope
Background: Elf - Fey Ally (+2 to Insight)
Str 10, Con 14, Dex 16, Int 12, Wis 30, Cha 22.
Str 8, Con 12, Dex 12, Int 10, Wis 18, Cha 12.

AC: 44 Fort: 35 Reflex: 38 Will: 45
HP: 171 Surges: 9 Surge Value: 42
Religion +26, Arcana +21, Insight +34, Diplomacy +26
Acrobatics +18, Bluff +21, Dungeoneering +25, Endurance +17, Heal +30, History +16, Intimidate +21, Nature +32, Perception +27, Stealth +18, Streetwise +21, Thievery +18, Athletics +15
Cleric: Ritual Caster
Level 1: Solar Enemy
Level 2: Power of the Sun
Level 4: Implement Expertise (holy symbol)
Level 6: Coordinated Explosion
Level 8: Toughness (retrained to Armor Specialization (Chainmail) at Level 11)
Level 10: Healer's Implement
Level 11: Clinging Radiance
Level 12: Radiant Vessel
Level 14: Paragon Defenses (retrained to Robust Defenses at Level 21)
Level 16: Invigorating Critical
Level 18: Extended Healing
Level 20: Hope Remains
Level 21: Punishing Radiance
Level 22: Font of Radiance
Level 24: Epic Resurgence
Level 26: Triumphant Attack
Level 28: Divine Health
Level 30: Supreme Healer
Channel Divinity: Turn Undead
Cleric at-will 1: Lance of Faith
Cleric at-will 1: Sacred Flame
Cleric encounter 1: Divine Glow
Cleric daily 1: Beacon of Hope
Cleric utility 2: Return from Death's Door
Cleric encounter 3: Daunting Light
Cleric daily 5: Consecrated Ground
Cleric utility 6: Spirit of Healing
Cleric encounter 7: Zealous Sanction
Cleric daily 9: Flame Strike
Cleric utility 10: Shielding Word
Cleric encounter 13: Mantle of Glory (replaces Divine Glow)
Cleric daily 15: Seal of Warding (replaces Beacon of Hope)
Cleric utility 16: Radiant Beams
Cleric encounter 17: Starry Snare (replaces Daunting Light)
Cleric daily 19: Supernal Radiance (replaces Consecrated Ground)
Cleric utility 22: Clarion Call of the Astral Sea
Cleric encounter 23: Healing Torch (replaces Zealous Sanction)
Cleric daily 25: Sacred Word (replaces Flame Strike)
Cleric encounter 27: Sublime Light (replaces Mantle of Glory)
Cleric daily 29: Breath of the Stars (replaces Seal of Warding)
Ritual Book, Adventurer's Kit, Sun Disk of Pelor +6, Agile Spiritmail +6, Amulet of Elusive Prey +6, Ring of the Radiant Storm (paragon tier), Gloves of the Wandering Star (paragon tier), Halo of Fallen Stars (epic tier), Executioner's Bracers (epic tier), Mace of Healing Mace +5, Fey Warrior's Boots (epic tier), Breakchain Tattoo (paragon tier), Stone of Light (paragon tier), Luminary Ring (epic tier), Baldric of Time (paragon tier), Potion of Regeneration (paragon tier) (3), Dust of Appearance (paragon tier), Keoghtom's Ointment (paragon tier), Solitaire (Cinnabar) (heroic tier), Obsidian Steed (heroic tier), Instant Campsite (heroic tier), Bag of Holding (heroic tier), Everlasting Provisions (heroic tier), Blessed Book (heroic tier), Woundstitch Powder (heroic tier), Dust of Arcane Insight (heroic tier), Dust of Disenchantment (heroic tier), Lightning Longbow +1,
Gentle Repose, Brew Potion