by lamillerran, Feb 15,2010

Cleric Builds

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You have 2 main attack stats, but these break down into 4 basic builds.

Battle Cleric

Strength is your most important stat, but do not neglect wisdom too much since you still need to heal and charisma can still come in handy. You smash and heal/buff at the same time! Not as durable as a defender or as mobile as a melee striker so watch out. Also there are not that many str cleric PP choices

Lazer Cleric (aka devoted)

You shoot radiant “lazers” at enemies and hide behind your allies, buffing and healing them. Wisdom is your most important stat, with charisma often second. Your AC might suffer from lack of armor proficiency if you dump strength.

Focused Healer/Controller “healics” (aka shielding)

Similar to the lazer cleric, but you forgo being good at dealing damage and instead are the best healer in the game. You also have a good minor in control with this option. But you really do not do much, if any, damage so make sure the party has that covered and your healing may get redundant in a leader heavy party. You should consider taking a couple of damaging powers so that you help out some with damage since even with the pacifist healer feat you will not always be attacking bloodied enemies. Wisdom is your most important stat, with charisma a close second.

Balanced Cleric

You do not settle for one focus and are comfortable in range or melee. You cover all the bases, but the danger is being spread to thin on feats, ability scores, and having to have both an implement and a weapon. Make wisdom and strength equal or close to equal as your highest stats.

Sample Builds

At the top of this page are links to a sample build of each of these four types. These will be examples and discussions of the basic 4 builds using material only from PHB, PHB2, AV1, AV2 and DP, which most players should have access to. They are not super optimized and avoid multiclassing but are examples of basic solid builds that will do a decent job and are not very deity or setting specific so you can replace any of the domain/channel divinity/racial feats without too much trouble.
There is also a section for specialized builds, but they are not yet ready to be added to the wiki. If you are interested in examples of more specialized builds, take a look at GelatinousOctahedron's original thread for the latest discussion.