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This page is for things that are argueably underpowered. Like "Overpowered?", this covers many things, at any given table, will likely not be a problem. In addition to the usual "your milage my vary", it's also worth pointing out that underpowered options typically damage the game less than overpowered options ... for the simple reason that most people will avoid them.
This section is probably only worth perusing if you have a player that has already chosen an option here for roleplaying reasons, and is getting upset at their sucking.

Swarm Druids

DR does not AC make. Add longer discussion here
Suggested House Rule: Change Hide Armor Expertise to give a scaling (2/3/4) bonus.

Seeker Choice Powers

Choices weaken powers. Costing seems off


DPR missing.

Dazing Rebuke Syndrome

Interrupt powers that apply conditions need to last beyond the end of the PCs next turn, or the monster is never really affected. Suggested House Rule: Change the relevant powers to last until the end of the target's next turn.