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by kilpatds, Oct 15,2009

The Definitions of Broken

For this, I'm attempting to use definitions from sCRuLooSe, although I've changed them slighly.


Broken things make the game unplayable. In sCRuLooSe's post, that includes "Shattered" and "Fractured"
  • Any use of the word "infinite". Or "Effectively Infinite"
  • Killing an at-level solo with a single encounter power.
  • Killing all normal monsters in the encounter with a single encounter power.


Bent things change the game fundamentally. Experienced players are fundamentally playing a different game than beginners. In sCRuLooSe's post, that includes "Bent", and possibly some of "Overpowered"
  • Killing an at-level solo in a single turn.
  • Killing an at-level elite in a single turn without using daily powers.
  • Kills all minions with a minor and no rolls.
As an example, A nova that can kill an at-level standard monster on average by expending your action point, 2 encounter powers, a daily power, and the standard action from a party member might be overpowered (or might not), but isn't even Bent by my definition. But if it can kill an elite or a Solo with that resource expenditure, then I consider it Bent.


Overpowered options gives significantly higher than expected value. It effectively removes options, but does not fundamentally change the game.
What is overpowered will vary greatly between games. One game's overpowered is another games base assumptions. Overpowered only creates problems when it causes a power disparity between players that causes ill-will, or when it creates a difference in assumptions between the DM and the players that causes ill-will.
I will ignore most things that are "overpowered", as I have a hard time seeing dividing lines between overpowered and optimized. As a rule of thumb, if the DM can compensate without involving the players it's not worth mentioning in this handbook.