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by Aramul, Sep 21,2009

Races: Natural Born Destroyers

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+2 Strength is solid win. +2 Charisma is just icing for the Thaneborn fellas. Toss in Dragon Breath as an area attack and a reason to keep your Constitution high, and you have one hell of a Barbarian.


The lack of Strength and low speed hurt, but the innate durability of this race is very nice to have. A respectable pick.


The racial bonuses are not that good, but you get great racial support with regards to mobility and wielding Spears, so it's all right.


Again, weaker racial bonuses, but good abilities, and higher movement speed. A viable choice.


+2 to both secondaries, and the ability to steal an at-will from another class (Brash Strike and Twin Strike look particularly nice). A surprisingly strong choice.


Barbarians are the stereotypical two-handed weapon wielders, and Halflings are Small, so they got hit hard there. Add in the lack of a Strength bonus, and all their useful racial stuff wanes in importance.


A very nice choice. +1 to all defenses is made of win, a bonus feat and skill helps, and the racial feats kick all kinds of hiney. The bonus at-will is actually useful to you, and it also makes Paragon MC look pretty attractive. All in all, solid, and maybe Sky Blue.


IMHO not bad, IF AND ONLY IF YOU PICK UP A FLAMING WEAPON AND THE HELLFIRE BLOOD FEAT. Otherwise, it's pretty mediocre. Cha is only good for Thaneborns, and Int is uselessness incarnate. The racial features are nice, but you need that Flaming Weapon to stay up to speed with other races, which means other enchantments are closed to you.



Not exactly the attribute bonuses you're looking for, but the racial abilities do have a touch of synergy.


Move along, nothing to see here.


The stats are in the right places, it packs a bonus to Will (nice to have), and it even has a racial power to resist all. Nice.


+2 Strength is what you want, +2 Dexterity works if you get a Heavy Blade or Spear (hint, hint), and bonuses to speed while charging and buffing an attack's multiplier are right up your alley. A prime choice for Thaneborns and Superchargers.

Shifter, Longtooth

+2 Strength is nice to have, +2 Wisdom can see use, and the racial power is very strong. A good choice for you.

Shifter, Razorclaw

+2 Dexterity instead of Strength and a weaker shifting ability is not so good for you. A bit weaker than Elf, but not terrible.


Gnoll (D 367)

Dexterity and Constitution are solid bonuses, but what really seals the deal are the bonuses to damage and the incentive to charge a lot.

Minotaur (D 369)

He has descended from the heavens to do battle as a Barbarian. +2 Strength, +2 Constitution AND incentive to charge?! Holy cow (pun intended).

Shadar-Kai (D 372)

Weaker than Eladrin, because of the lack of relevant racial support, but the insubstantial teleportation is marginally more useful to you.

Warforged (D 364)

After the Dragon article, these guys rival Dwarves as the toughest guys around, AND they have the +2 to Strength. *drool*


Bladeling (MOTP)

Weak racial bonuses, but a very nice racial power makes up for most of it.

Bugbear (MM)

+2 Strength, oversized, and "sneak attack" make a fantastic case, and +2 Dexterity only sweetens the deal. A strong choice.

Doppelganger (MM)

All of the negative aspects of the Tiefling... none of the positive ones. Avoid.

Drow (FRPG)

The racials are just OK, but the powers are a nice complement to the Barbarian's typically low accuracy.

Genasi (FRPG)

+2 Str is great, +2 Int is useless, but the manifestations are pretty good all around.

Githyanki (MM)

Meh. +2 Con is OK, +2 Int is a waste, +2 initiative is nice, but I'm just not sold.

Githzerai (MM)

Very similar to Elves. The abilities are arguably stronger.

Goblin (MM)

Slightly weaker than the Halfling, it has the same racial stat allotments, which are not spectacular for Barbarians, and he's also Small...

Hobgoblin (MM)

These guys are about the same as Half-Elves, sans the beauty that is Dilettante. Ah, well.

Kobold (MM)

Small Gnolls. Small is not the greatest thing to be as a Barbarian, and to boot you don't get a Strength bonus.

Orc (MM)

Another fantastic candidate, he has the same stat allotment as the Minotaur, and has a self-healing ability, and more speed while charging. Nice.

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