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Powers: Destruction Unleashed

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At Will Powers

Devastating Strike (PHB 2)

More raw damage than Howling Strike on default, but it comes with a mild disadvantage (a la Brash Strike), and is unusable on a charge. Bruisers and Headsmen like this for their second at-will, but most others won't have the room for it.

Howling Strike (PHB 2)

A basic extra-damage swing that can be used on a charge, and gives you a bit more charge speed while raging. This is a very strong power overall, and it is the main reason for a Supercharger's existence.

Pressing Strike (PHB 2)

This power hands you a bag of everything; it shifts through enemy squares, deals extra damage while raging, and pushes the opponent. Polearm builds owe their viability to this at-will.

Recuperating Strike (PHB 2)

Howling Strike, except it trades in some damage and the charging capability for a solid amount of THP. The strength of these at-wills is one of the main reasons Human is appealing for this class.