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Barbarian Style: How To Destroy

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Class Feature: Feral Might

This is a tough choice in your career; it is irrevocable, so choose wisely.

Rageblood Vigor (PHB 2)

Rageblood Barbarians do one thing, and they do it well; big damage and big toughness. The problem with that approach is that they lose more from being versatile than their Thaneborn companions; the advantage is the specialization within their niche.

Rageblood Vigor

You get THP on a kill, and an encounter power charge. Nice.
  • Pros: More burst damage, more durable overall
  • Cons: Weaker defenses, less accuracy, less versatility

Thaneborn Triumph (PHB 2)

Thaneborn Barbarians are a pretty well-rounded Barbarian style, with good defenses, good damage, and debuffs. They're not specialized in any of these areas, and they're not the toughest Barbarians around, but they compensate for it nicely with their abilities and synergies with multiple weapon styles.

Thaneborn Triumph

You get a +to hit bonus when you bloody an opponent (eh), and a burst 5 -2 to defense debuff as an Encounter power (O.O). Good.
  • Pros: More accuracy, more versatility, better defenses
  • Cons: Less burst damage, less durable overall

HP, Surges, and Proficiencies

Hit Points

15 + Con score at 1st level; 6 at each level thereafter. You get a large amount of HP for your role, meaning that you're among the tougher (if not the toughest) Strikers out there, especially if you are Con-based.

Healing Surges

8 + Con modifier. Pretty high for your role, and the gap grows even more if you're Con-based, and you're one of the few characters who can be.


You start out with good melee weapon proficiencies, but your ranged weapons and armor are rather meh. Ah, well. You can't have it all.


Barbarian Agility

Bonuses to AC and Reflex while wearing light armor are nice to have.

Rage Strike

Arguably the weakest feature for the Barbarian, because Rages have awesome effects and using this implies you're going nova, which is usually done better with your multiattacking Encounter powers.


eek! Free hits after a critical? Seriously? This is awesome!

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