by lordduskblade, Sep 22,2009

Heroic Tier Powers: Fundamentals Of Destruction

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Level 1, Encounter

Avalanche Strike (PHB 2)

If you're a Rageblood, this will pour on literally hilarious amounts of damage to a single target at low levels. It imposes a hefty defensive penalty, but they can't hit you back if they're dead.

Bloodletting (PHB 2)

Thoroughly unimpressive.

Great Cleave (PHB 2)

It's a close burst attack with a damage bonus based on how much trouble you've managed to get yourself into. Focus fire beats AoE for me, but this is a pretty good one.

Vault the Fallen (PHB 2)

Howling Strike against two different targets. If you're a Thaneborn, you even get some solid mobility out of it. Not bad.

Level 1, Daily

Bloodhunt Rage (PHB 2)

A big 3 smack, coupled with a decent, if conditional, damage bonus. Solid enough.

Macetail's Rage (PHB 2)

A close burst 1 against Reflex for low damage, knocking prone, and THP when you hit for the rest of the encounter. Not really a Striker-y power.

Rage Drake's Frenzy (PHB 2)

3 is nice, and it even packs a buff if the target is bloodied. The effect is conditional, but it is gold against weaker opponents.

Swift Panther Rage (PHB 2)

Another 3 mega-smack, it hands you a big mobility boost, which can potentially make the Barbarian a charging machine for the encounter.

Level 2, Utility

Combat Sprint (PHB 2)

Good movement, and defense bonuses for doing so. Nice.

Primal Vitality (PHB 2)

A Daily THP boost, which gets bigger if you are raging. Not enough THP to sell me on it.

Stonebreaker (PHB 2)

A rather conditional non-combat utility. Eh.

Tiger's Leap (PHB 2)

This allows you to grab a big movement boost once per encounter, and it can scale to quite ridiculous proportions. Not sure you need all that moving, though.

Level 3, Encounter

Blade Sweep (PHB 2)

A decent swing, and damage to adjacent Bloodied enemies (all enemies if you're a Rageblood). Nothing spectacular here.

Blood Strike (PHB 2)

Yet another vanilla choice.

Daring Charge (PHB 2)

A decently damaging charge that gets bigger for every OA you provoke. A bit better if you're Thaneborn, as you're less likely to be hit. If you pick this, be sure to retrain it out fast; Howling Strike will soon obsolete it.

Hammer Fall (PHB 2)

Hits Fortitude as a Weapon attack, and knocks prone, so it lets you play nice with your party, and if you shift back against an enemy with reach 1, he can't hit you back :D.

Shatterbone Strike (PHB 2)

A beautiful setup punch for any Rage, especially for Thaneborn, where it is glorious.

Level 5, Daily

Frost Wolf Rage (PHB 2)

A decent swing that can get bigger if you're willing to provoke an "OA", and it provides a disincentive for enemies to attack you. Solid enough.

Silver Phoenix Rage (PHB 2)

Decent damage, some ongoing fire on top of it, and regen with a "save your arse" button in your back pocket. Sweet.

Thunder Hawk Rage (PHB 2)

Whoa. A save-ends daze debuff, and automatic CA for your attacks by knocking an opponent prone before you hit. This is a real good one, even though the damage is a bit lower.

Vengeful Storm Rage (PHB 2)

A close burst for decent damage, and piddly damage for adjacent enemies. Not really that appealing to me.

Level 6, Utility

Combat Surge (PHB 2)

Rerolls are nice to have, and you should be raging most of the time anyway.

Inexorable Shift (PHB 2)

A Con-based shift, and some THP on it to boot. Solid.

Instinctive Charge (PHB 2)

A decent Daily buff you can pop off at the beginning of the encounter. Less effective if your Leader is a Warlord, though.

Loss of Will (PHB 2)

Though the trigger may not come up as often as you would like (most Barbarians are not that hard to hit), it's great when it does.

Level 7, Encounter

Curtain of Steel (PHB 2)

An out-of-turn 3 wallop. Thaneborns even get an accuracy boost. Nice.

Feast of Violence (PHB 2)

If set up right, this can pack some very high damage. Requires you to risk some hits, but why would you of all people want to play it safe?

Great Shout (PHB 2)

A swing, coupled with a debuff. A bit out of character for a Barbarian, but it's pretty effective.

Tide of Blood (PHB 2)

The extra damage can go from large to marginal; otherwise, one more vanilla 2 attack. Eh.

Level 9, Daily

Black Dragon Rage (PHB 2)

The damage is lower, but the effect is Thunder Hawk Rage's on steroids. Automatic blinding is nice.

Oak Hammer Rage (PHB 2)

Another great rage, this one allows you to knock people down on every hit, and hit them harder if they're already down. The havoc you can wreak with this power is pretty awesome.

Stone Bear Rage (PHB 2)

A big resist all bonus for you after a good swing. Solid enough.

White Tiger Rage (PHB 2)

Low damage, and a Defender-y side effect. Pass.

Level 10, Utility

Deny Death (PHB 2)

It buys you an extra turn, right when you need it the most. Very solid.

Heart Strike (PHB 2)

More damage is always welcome, especially because you have few stances.

Mountain Roots (PHB 2)

It's nice to be able to negate forced movement for the rest of an encounter (and have it as an immediate application), especially if your DM likes big pushing Brutes or if he knows about the Apocalypse Twins (:D), but it's hardly necessary.

Wellspring of Renewal (PHB 2)

It hands you a decent amount of THP, and negates marking, and it all happens as a minor action Encounter power. Sweet.

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