by DnDPouse, May 7,2010
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Racial Paragon Paths

Abiding Reaper"#000000">(D372,Shadar-Kai) The best effect is Blood Calling: Combat Advantage for the last half (er, third) of each creatures life. That's not enough to make it interesting.

Adroit Explorerer"#000000">(PHB2,Human)
If your new 11th level power can come from your Multiclass, this rocks on toast. Otherwise it's just another use of Fury's Advance, which is nothing to sneeze at, but isn't great.

Avenging Haunt"#000000">(D376,Revenant) Phasing on an action point seems great to me, and staying conscious until negative bloodied is great, even if you are dazed for the time. Because the powers require physical stats, only Ninjas, Chasers, or Fishermen need apply.

Ancestral Incarnate"#000000">(PHB2,Deva) The reuse a power ability is still great. The daily power is a silly amount of healing if there are minions on the board, and another feature that's enough to make you take up Ritual Casting.

Bloodfury Savage"#000000">(PHB2,Half-Orc) All the features are good, the powers are all good. And you don't even have to bump strength to use them.

Chameleon"#000000">(EPG,Changling) The best use of this is to grab Rain of Blows without having to have a high Dexterity or Strength... but now you've got to have a high Charisma. I'm going to assume you've MCd to Sorc or Bard to make use of that Charisma. If you're doing this, make sure one team mate is a fighter (for Rain of Blows) and another is a Bravelord for the Kord PP's daily.

Doomspeaker"#000000">(D372,Shadar-Kai) A trashtalker PP is awesome, but this one assumes you're a charisma rogue.

Firstborn of Moradin"#000000">(PHB2,Dwarf) The survivability is good, and the powers are good, but you have to pump strength to use them.

Half-Elf Polymath"#000000">(D385,Half-Elf) Assuming Twin Strike is your Dilettante Power, the e11 is also known as "shots on the run", a good ranger daily power. So that's pretty nice. But there isn't a great 2nd at-will you'd want to poach (the melee-backup power for laser clerics from the same Dragon issue? Chuck&Charge?), and the compilation nerfed the action point feature beyond recognition.

Moon Stalker"#000000">(PHB2,Shifter) Amazing mobility. You also get a lot of bonus damage against prone, so use a Staggering or Tyrant's weapon, or wear Assault Boots. Also check out the discussion of Gauntlets of Brutality.

Mighty Judge"#000000">(D386,Half-Orc) Your real 16th level feature just frees up a feat. That's all. 'Furious Judgement is a trap (trade 10 damage for 6.5 or 7 damage? Srsly?) The u12 is pretty lame, and the d20 is really just an encounter-long mark plus a 4 power.
But Overpowering Retribution is a sweet sweet power. Interrupt attack, that usually negates an attack (PCs do more damage than monsters, especially Striker PCs), and might give a buff.

Rrathmal"#000000">(D378,Githzerai) The u12 really helps you isolate someone off to the side, the d20 is godly for a party with good tactics (everyone's first attack of the round hits, assuming people know to chain effects? Wow.). The features are decent... The only bad part is the e11, which has too high an opportunity cost for too low a payout. (Just At-Will is too low a payout for a wasted standard action). But since you no longer need to take Danger Sense, you can take Reserve Maneuver instead.

Storvakal"#000000">(D378,Githzerai) The e11 rocks, and one of the 11th level features reads "Power Attack for free"... but the Flavor is off.

Stoneblessed"#000000">(PHB2,Goliath) Mountain Crush goes great with Bloodiron, and you're obviously a Crit Fisherman going Barbarian anyway. I only think I'd try this for games that start at high level, and I'd treat Str+Con as my only two stats.

Turathi Highborn"#000000">(PHB2,Tiefling) The Frenzy would be awesome, but you would then have to care about Charisma. And you don't have the space for that.

Twilight Guardian"#000000">(PHB2,Elf) Weak. The Daily is a nicer control power than Entangle, but you're supposed to be a striker.