by DnDPouse, May 7,2010
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Multiclass Paragon Paths

Anointed Champion"#000000">(DP,Cleric) 1 to AC or NACDs, an encounter utility that adds some minor leader, and a daily that's a good party buff make for a strong base. If you have a positive charisma modifier the AP bonus is also really good... but you don't. So it's wasted, pulling down an otherwise good PP.

Arbiter of Forgotten Justice"#000000">(D381,Invoker) The key feature is the level 16 "crit on 19-20 with Radiant Powers". Consider a lightsaber if you don't want to limit yourself to radiant powers. Then a level 11 feature turns your criting into a free HP-granting fountain. Since the other level 11 feature is also very nice for a striker, the class is looking light blue at this point.
But then the attack powers all require implements, and Invoker implements create annoying issues. They have to use staves and rods, and you use holy symbols. Look for weapelments like Crusaders weapon, or Holy Avenger?

Bloodmage"#000000">(PHB,Wizard) Very nice spells, and the potential for some extra striker level damage from your class features.

Covenant Agent"#000000">(D386,Assassin) The powers actually have resonable amounts of Dakka, for a shocking change... but don't have much else. The AP feature is nice, if not earth-shattering. Precision Gait is a decent utility. But the 16th level feature will very rarely be relevant, anw while the 20th level power allows you to leave your lightsaber at home, that's only one encounter a day... so you'll still need a lightsaber. The real gem is Shadow of the Gods, but I don't think it's good enough to rescue save-ends powers

Daggermaster"#000000">(PHB,Rogue) PP powers aren't wasted, but the 18-20 Crit range from the May 2010 nerf. Look at Thuranni Shadow Killer or Darkstrider instead.

Divine Oracle"#000000">(Cleric,PHB) For followers of Tempus only. Prophecy of Doom + post-errata Righteous Rage of Tempus + a move action + a big attack + Crit Optimization = OMGWTFBBQ. Not really as much damage as your optimized crit fisher puts out, but all in one attack. I've seen this combo do 185 damage in a single attack in real play at level 14.
Rolling twice for initiative is also incredibly good (as is giving it to your party).
Terrifying Insight won't ever trigger on your melee powers (because they don't target will), but it does open up ranged powers, as long as they target will.

Darkstrider"#000000">(Ranger,MP2) The key here is major bonus damage while hidden (3+Wis!). Ninjas, take note. An encounter power with an effect of "you are hidden" is also rather nice: note the lack of LoS requirements or stealth checks in there...
The main problem is the powers: Str required for melee powers. Bah.
To use this as a melee class, you'll need a lot of movement baked into your attack, so that you don't lose stealth until after you hit. Look for some of your invisibility powers, and Shadowflow Armor to keep your hidden status as you approach.

Draeven Marauder"#000000">(Fighter,D365) Strength based, so you can't hit with the powers. But shifty features, and weapon mastery with the spear (Urgosh). Rain of blows works with a spear ... maybe you will be able to hit with the powers.

Dreadnought"#000000">(MP,Fighter) A great PP for a Retributive Avenger. You'll have to gimp your Int somewhat if you want to use the really good PP powers. But if you get hit a lot, you'll get hit with effects a lot. Spending 10hp and a minor action to end anything a save can end? That's pretty good. And free DR to allow you to get hit is also spectacular. You're more likely to want to go Demigod than most avengers though, as you'll want to get some of your stat points back.

Feytouched"#000000">(PHB,Warlock) You are going to take the power-swap feat to grab Ethereal Sidestep, and you are probably going to get a couple of items to extend it's reach. And then you're going to teleport every round, getting Int_Mod autodamage as your +striker class feature. Shame the level 16 features and the powers are all wasted.

Flame of Hope"#000000">(PHB2,Invoker) Some of the Martyr powers have a leadership component. This PP can help emphasize that leadership angle. It's for the Invoker, so you'll have to pick up a weird implement... but the Inspiring Attack Action is pure gold, and none of the rest of the features are wasted.

Kensai"#000000">(PHB,Fighter) Accuracy and damage are always good, but the focus on strength pushes this to Crit Fishermen.

Pitfighter"#000000">(PHB,Fighter) Oh, how the mighty have fallen. If you want Nova potential, look at Warpriest, it also has the AC bonus. If you're a critfisher, look at Kensai or Morninglord. The May nerf was brutal and killed the mighty Pitfighter.

Radiant Fist"#000000">(MPH3,Monk) This is mostly a +resiliance PP for censure of Pursuit avengers, but it also gives out some nice spike capacity. Combining the e11 power and the AP feature, you're looking at 1.5 rounds of +10 static damage. You got RRoT for free (well, I assume). Flurry of Blows will also add a nice bit of damage into your Nova turn. And the e20 is a nice encounter long damage buff.
Then for durability, your AP feature also heals you, and the u12d gives you some really good damage resistance. If you're a hybrid Monk/Avenger, this is actually pretty awesome.

Radiant Servant"#000000">(PHB,Cleric) The key draw here is Crit 19-20 with Radiant powers, which include two of your at-wills. You can grab a lightsaber, or you can grab some radiant feat combination to keep this going. However, since there's now a feat for a unrestricted 19-20 crit range, this is just about getting that crit range early.
The AP-bonus is pretty good. The Utility power is free healing out of combat. The attack powers are both implement powers, so you might have to actually keep your implement up to spec. But they have a huge area of effect, and are so pretty decent anyway.

Shadow Assassin"#000000">(PHB,Rogue) The draw here is Riposte Damage to convince foes to run, and Dex synergy. But you should have gone Darkstrider. The other features and powers aren't beyond "hey, look. Damage", and don't do enough of that.

Simbarch of Aglarond"#000000">(FRPG,Wizard) The Striker draw is the 11th level power, which is a really good striker class feature disguised as a power. You'll want to find ways to recharge that (Salve of Power). And the rest of the PP is for Martyrs and helps your survivability (but not much. You don't have that many surges to spend)

Son of Mercy"#000000">(D370,Defender) The Red rating is simply because you're not actually allowed to take it. If you can talk your DM into allowing it, consider it blue to sky blue.
Assuming you passed your Fast-talk the DM check, you need to take the "Oath Strike" feat (or MC Warden and take Dilettante's Mark), but then you have a great +Defender and +Striker PP. You then get +Wisdom to damage against your oath target, and you slow your oath target each time you hit them. Powers are strength based, which seems unfortunate until you remember that large modifiers to static damage favor multi-attack powers.

Soul Igniter"#000000">(D385,Shaman) When you crit, +2 to speed, +2 to reflex, and +Wis_Mod damage on attacks for the rest of this round and the next one. Nice, especially since it kicks in at 11th level. And you do the same for anyone else in the party. And the encounter power has the important bit on an effect. And the daily gives you (and anyone else who crits) a damage aura of Wis Mod. Good things on a crit. Now, crit, without using your paragon path to do so. The only downside is a wasted level 16 feature and a meh d20... and the level 16 feature can be salvaged with a second feat(Sudden Call)

Stone Keeper"#000000">(DP,Dwarven Clerics) For crit fisher dwarves. The AP bonus will go really well with Hurricane of Blades when you're an Eternal Seeker, but since you're still a Avenger/Cleric you don't have anything good to use it on yet. But the Utility is decent, and the crit feature is pretty good and pretty funny. (Was that Stone keeper or Kneecapper?)

Student of Caiphon"#000000">(D366,Warlock) Until the March 2010 errata, you could use a lightsaber and crit on 18+ with a real weapon. Now you can't.

Traveler's Harlequin"#000000">(D382,Any) The training in Bluff is annoying, since most of the MCs you might take to get in won't give bluff. But some will, or you could use a background to get it. Either way, you get your MC feat investment back (do a retrain jig to turn that into a power-swap feat instead?) you get Windrise Ports as your background for free (probably not too relevant), and the 16th level feature is again better for you than others. (If the d12 was a 5, for example, and your twin rolls were 5 and 8. Take the 5, then reroll both rolls).
The key bit though is the 20th level dailiy power... Which is nearly any other PPs (20th) or class (19th) daily attack power you want. Um... You want Slayer's Ascendancy (Relentless Slayer's d20). Glad I could help.

Warpriest"#000000">(PHB,Cleric) The PP that isn't that good for the strength cleric it appears to be aimed for is actually pretty good for you. A real mark, A feature and a power that trigger off of natural dice rolls, and a Wis based weapon power that's a close-burst 1 (if you roll enough, you'll crit even without any enhancers). And then add in the same Nova-on-AP feature the Pit Fighter has.

Wizard of the Spiral Tower"#000000">(PHB,Wizard) The draw is "The One Sword", which in your hands will be an extra-at will power that dazes. (Weapon attack vs. NACDs). But the class features are wasted. You don't specialize in an implement, so you don't get to use your longsword as one. Getting a Wizard MC power back won't be worth an action point, and your Charisma modifier isn't worth talking about. But did I mention the near at-will daze power?