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by kilpatds, Sep 15,2009

Paragon Powers

Level 13, Encounter =
Most probably take Weaving Blades, for the improved ability to keep your oath.

Avenger's Demand"#000000">(DP)

The pull is an effect, so when you make your attack you'll still get your rerolls, and then it pushes and knocks prone as a kicker. Not shabby

Cloud of Souls"#000000">(PHB2) Keeps enemies away from your target, but not away from you. Better for the Martyr, as it turns into a beautiful (half secondary stat) setup power. Shame you don't yet have anything great to follow it with.

Crimson Stride"#000000">(DP)
Sequestering Strike's older brother... except with a special for every censure [[b]]except[[/b]] pursuit. Weird. Still good for everyone.

Dervish Strike"#000000">(PHB2) The visual is cool, and mechanically you get some extra control, and you give the target a free head start in case it wants to run (or you want to spend an action point to charge it)

Light of the Avenging Sun"#000000">(PHB2) Radiant damage, and your target can't hit you for a turn. That might convince it to run...

Sequestering Word"#000000">(PHB2) You and your target go 5 away to talk, and then anyone who doesn't move away from you takes damage... but it's your implement power. Otherwise it would be an automatic choice for Chasers. Instead take Crimson Stride.

Wages of Sin"#000000">(DP) Implement attack that does "extra" damage still less than what you'd do if you just ran up and hit it.

Weaving Blades"#000000">(DP) Even more accurate than normal, and one turn of "push everyone who would deny you your oath".

Whirling Blades"#000000">(PHB2) A nice boring 3W if your target is feeling lonely. For a class that started with 2W encounter powers and ends up with 6W ones, it's a shame that 3W is considered a pure damage power at this level. Dervish strike also does 3W, and does more than just damage.

Level 15, Daily = The Barbarian Rage Strike power indicates that 6W would be a good pure-damage power at this level. All of these do 2-3W. However that's irrelevant, because everyone is going to take Temple of Brilliance... which does basically no damage.

Aspect of Fury"#000000">(PHB2)

Start with a possible 3W attack, and then start a 5 point damage aura that also hits anyone who attacks you, even with reach. Chasers want. Anyone who wants a lot of DPR wants.

Bond of the Sacred Duel"#000000">(PHB2) The initial attack is weak, but the rider isn't too bad. Think of it as nearly doubling your retribution bonus. The downside is that it might mean you stop getting a retribution bonus, but that's not a horrible fate.

Forceful Call"#000000">(DP) Controllers use this to create a nice bunch (Weapon vs. NAD on the attack hits pretty well, even without oath) for the Sorcerer/Wizard to AoE. Everyone else avoids it. And even controllers should look for something better... Did you see Temple of Brilliance yet?

Ghostly Chains"#000000">(DP) You use slow/immobilize on melee threats, so you get more rounds to pick at them in perfect safety from range. This asks you to have allies adjacent to the target. Wha?

Inescapable Justice"#000000">(DP) Free movement back to your target until it dies. Eh. Again, most monsters don't actually run without substantial incentive.

Soul Lightning"#000000">(DP) This is a nice subtle control power. It's a ranged implement power, so yada yada. But if you can keep the target from saving, it will normally be left alone, if you hit or you miss. Which makes it easier to gang up on.

Oath of Divine Lightning"#000000">(PHB2) The chaser who penalizes saves can do decent things with this... but there are better control options at this level. Chasers should look at Aspect of Fury instead (or Temple of Brilliance). Controllers should look at Temple of Brilliance.

Sigil of Carceri"#000000">(PHB2) Another implement power. Locks down one artillery piece.

Temple of Brilliance"#000000">(DP) An implement power everyone takes. Even if you miss, eh. The important bits are on an Effect, not a Hit. Sustain Minor zone of blindness. No save, no attack roll. Just "Hey, any monster that ends their turn in that bright area is blind", and the target HAS to end it's turn in that area... so you get to spend a standard action to take one monster out of the fight until you want to kill it. No save, no hit, no nothing. Probably overpowered, but take it until someone realizes.

Tether of Light"#000000">(DP) Sequestering strike for every hit for an encounter. Please have an intelligence modifier.

Zealous Onslaught"#000000">(DP) Just an attack with a save ends. It does have an after effect (free MBA)... but did you see Temple of Brilliance yet?

Level 16, Utility =

Astral Cloak"#000000">(PHB2)

A turn of invisibility. More things for the Ninja.

Battle Blessing"#000000">(DP) Because it's an interrupt, you can use it after you know what your ally rolled. Which translates to "Trigger: Ally crits on an opportunity attack". But that's still really conditional.

Bulwark of Defiance"#000000">(PHB2) Your wrath pushes you to ignore a save-end effect for a turn. Not bad as an encounter power.

Pillar of Chernoggar"#000000">(DP) Stance that slows everyone next to you. That's some control. Pair with a storm sorcerer for maximum fun, even if you stop getting your oath.

Strength in Unity"#000000">(DP) Once an encounter, ignore one attack. At least if you have an intelligence modifier and stay near your party.

Summons to Duty"#000000">(DP) Slide an ally into a flanking position as a minor. Good for the leader minors, but a little high level for the effect.

Temple of Seclusion"#000000">(DP) One encounter a day, get your oath every round without having to worry about it.

Vengeful Revenant"#000000">(PHB2) Especially for the Deva. Pop back up like the energizer-bunny powered terminator you are. Daily, but how often do you drop?

Winds of the Astral Sea"#000000">(PHB2) For a 16th level encounter power, that's an awfully short teleport.

Level 17, Encounter =
Crit Fishers or Martyrs take Vengeful Parry, and many others ought to consider it. Off-action attacks or multi-attacks are how you win in this edition as a striker.
If you're low on Phasing, look at Wrathful Charge. Otherwise, your censure power is likely worth looking at.

Accept no Defeat"#000000">(DP)

Basically, it's a 3W pure damage power with a really weird miss clause. Take something more interesting.

Astral Fury"#000000">(PHB2) An implement power. The good news is it targets two people. This is to clear the space around your target, but you'll have to keep your implement up to date, and you don't get to roll twice. Pass.

Ready the Final Blow"#000000">(PHB2) A setup power for the Chasers. You stick your victim in place, and get a "Dear God" bonus to hit him with your next attack roll. We're still waiting for something to hit it with...

Lethal Intercession"#000000">(DP) At this level, I'd usually expect the one turn penalty to attack rolls to be based off a stat, not just be a fixed -2. But it's not. But it is an off-action attack, if you're working with a good defender.

Punishing Blow"#000000">(DP) This is the first power I've seem basically designed for the CritFishers. Hit your OoE target, then pop Come And Get It or a different martial AoE power. If you're not a CritFisher, skip it (and if you are, take Vengeful Parry instead)

Spectral Charge"#000000">(PHB2) Charge, and take half damage from any attacks you soak up on the way in, and for the next turn. Obsoleted by Wrathful Charge.

Vengeful Parry"#000000">(DP) Immediate Interrupt, with a trigger almost guaranteed to happen. Sold. Oh, also... it moves the target and might keep you from being hit.

Warding Blade"#000000">(PHB2) First you clear the space around your target, and then you punish any enemies that come back (or if you have reach, attack you from outside). And if you're Martyr, you Will hit with those opportunity attacks.

Wrathful Charge"#000000">(DP) Charge through walls and enemies, collecting damage bonuses for each enemy that attempts to attack you. And if you're retributive, you get silly bonuses even if your missed. (Um, once for each time you're missed on the way in, and twice for each time you're hit. Wow, that could do a lot of damage). Unfortunately, the power's damage bonus only applies to the power... but your censure bonus will stick around for another round.

Level 19, Daily = The Barbarian Rage Strike power indicates that 7W would be a good pure-damage power at this level. The best here is 5. This is not a great level... Blade of the Astral Hosts could work well as a big round for a Martyr... but maybe this is a level to look below for better powers.

Aspect of Awe"#000000">(PHB2)

An Implement power. One guy is pulled at least 5, and maybe a lot more. If it hits, you can kite someone a goodly ways, but that's still pretty lame for a level 19 daily.

Blade of Astral Hosts"#000000">(DP) Your first real multi-attack (if only your OoE target is in the initial sweep, Burst 1 attacks with Melee weapons count as Melee attacks for OoE, and you teleport in place. If not, fish for hits anyway, then funnel them to your target as the power intends), but it's a daily pure damage power. Is still probably the highest damage power you have without multiclassing.

Bonded by Blood"#000000">(DP) This level's "Chase after your target until it dies" power.

Flame Unquenchable"#000000">(DP) Good: 3W and applies a penalty to your targets saves against ongoing damage. Bad: The penalty is ridiculously conditional.

Oath of the Inevitable Blade"#000000">(PHB2) Finally, a 5W. The miss effect is weak, but you used it after one of your setup powers, right? So how can you miss? (Shoulda been 7W and Reliable)

Stroke of Doom"#000000">(DP) Its a weapon vs. NAD attack to pull the target, so it's fairly accurate even at range. But the followup is just a 5[[W]] attack. Yawn.

Temple of Respite"#000000">(PHB2) A nice defender/controller power. Your defenses to up, you are surrounded by difficult terrain. But not that much damage, and you're not usually a defender. Also, needs more dakka. Remember it doesn't move with you, so make sure you use it at a choke-point.

Vengeful Recovery"#000000">(PHB2) If you hit, the kicker is free healing. If you miss you still heal, you just have to spend a surge. And it dazes too, always. But since you're not an Orbizard, save-ends conditions other than stunned are overrated. Also, needs more dakka.