by kilpatds, Sep 2,2009

Heroic Powers

Level 1, Encounter

In campaigns that use the pre-errata version of RRoT, you'll take either of the 2[[W]]s powers. Because a Critical hit from a Half-Orcs with a High Crit weapon is still very powerful at this level. Everyone else (Chasers, Fishermen, Ninjas, Martyrs, MoDs) takes Avenging Echo, except the controllers who take Day's First Light.

Angelic Alacrity"#000000">(PHB2)
Shift, then hit for 2[[W]]. Might allow you to get to that one right square to get your oath... especially if you chase and have a high dex.

Avenging Echo"#000000">(PHB2) If you hit and someone stops next to you, or attacks you, they take radiant damage. More useful for the Runner than the Martyr it's theoretically for. Runners want to discourage people from staying next to them, and giving anyone damage for doing that works. Probably the best power, but that's not saying a lot. Protip: If you know you're going to be charged next turn, ready an action to use it when you get attacked.

Compelling Blade"#000000">(DP) The potential large pull would be great ... if the trigger weren't so conditional. Hit your target with this first, then shift away one so they have to chase you... then pull them WAY off to the side and beat on them at your leisure.

Day's First Light"#000000">(DP) It's an implement attack, but it's range Melee touch, so you should get your oath rerolls anyway. And some control (Stay, or the light hurts)

Pass at Arms"#000000">(DP) Wolf Pact tactics, the encounter power.

Relentless Attack"#000000">(DP) Would be better if the push were farther, since 2 squares isn't enough to really do it for me in an encounter power. But if you're a Unitarian and can push them into the middle of your line, you'll get good bonus damage against them next level. Then at 3rd level, retrain this to Avenging Echo because Fury's Advance does this as a minor action.

Shared Madness"#000000">(PHB2) Your ranged implement power. Ranged 10, psychic damage. Hit one, damage two, which is great for finishing off one guy while starting on another, except that you're losing your striker bonus damage.

Shielded by Faith"#000000">(DP) Bonus to AC against those creatures who are keeping you from getting your oath attack. For Martyr's, It's A Trap

Speed and Stillness"#000000">(DP) 1[[W]] is not worth a very conditional 5 temp HP. You wanted Angelic Alacrity.

Whirlwind Charge(PHB2)

Can use on a charge, in which case you get a nice bonus vs. OAs you provoke en route.

Level 1, Daily

Aspect of Might is still the best power here, unless you have some multi-attacks, in which case Strength of Many will be a better Nova enhancer.
If you are going to pick up the radiant package, Temple of Light is more in flavor, but those are higher level feats, so I'd still take something else.

Argent Mantle"#000000">(DP) A small IFF close burst... but I don't like powers that prevent you from using the reroll. And if your damage die is so cursed you still want this, just crush it and buy a replacement.

Aspect of Might"#000000">(PHB2) 3[[W]] is nice, as is +2 speed and damage for the encounter. That counts as Blue here.

Celestial Fist"#000000">(DP) For the controllers. Ranged Implement power, so yada yada yada. But should keep a melee brute away for multiple turns.

Oath of the Final Duel"#000000">(PHB2) The teleport doesn't have range, but does require line of effect. Only does 2[[W]], but that's hardly the point.

Renewing Strike"#000000">(PHB2) Another implement attack. A healing surge is the kicker? For a daily?

Strength of Many"#000000">(DP) A classic Big Attack. The Effect comes before the damage roll, so it affects itself, and you should be able to milk it for +6 per attack. If you take this, you have to take Fury's Advance as your level 3 power, and you ought to have Twin Strike. Now we're talking a total of 4 attacks (or +24) before the Warlord hands out any more.

Temple of Light"#000000">(PHB2) Give yourself an extra 1d6 radiant damage against your target, or anyone too close to it (and, depending on your DM, it's corpse). If you're just interested in damage, Aspect of Might's +2/hit for the rest of the encounter will probably end up doing more than 3.5/hit until the target dies.

Thunder and Echo"#000000">(DP) Poor damage, if you're using a real weapon. But the kicker will allow you to clear some space, which makes up for a bit. Would make a better high level encounter power than a low level daily.

Wings of Light"#000000">(DP) A 3[[W]] flying charge. You don't even get to stay in mid-air for the strike. Take something that will change the battle, not something that will change the round.