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To avoid a huge wall of text, this page has been split into several sub pages.
  • [[Avenger/Powers/Heroic|Heroic Powers]]
  • [[Avenger/Powers/Paragon|Paragon Powers]]
  • [[Avenger/Powers/Epic|Epic Powers]]
  • [[Avenger/Powers/MultiClass|Multi-class Powers]]
  • [[Avenger/Powers/Skill|Skill Powers]]

But we'll deal with At-Will powers here.

At Will Powers =
If you're Int based, take Bond of Censure and either Bond of Retribution (Radiant) or Overwhelming Strike. If you're Dex based, take Overwhelming strike, and ... um. Bond of Pursuit? Are you sure you don't have a positive Int modifier? Humans likely take Radiant Vengeance as their third at will.

Bond of Censure(DP)

It's a ranged power that uses your implement, but then gives you a reroll anyway. And it has a large pull for an at-will power, (Int based). Note you'll quickly have a pull that exceeds the power's range, and so not be able to use it all. The Horror. It's also modified by a lot of domain feats.

Bond of Pursuit(PHB2)

Free shifts if the victim runs. I don't like it for hitting your target because it might not move if it's knows it's giving you free movement, and many targets won't run anyway. But the movement takes place after his turn ends, so Artillery that wants to shoot you may still move. And then you can shift around them.
Note when you get the free movement: using it on an OA via HBO won't work the way you think it will. (SarxMarksman).

Bond of Retribution(PHB2)

If you get attacked the victim takes even more damage, but only once per turn. I think it's usually a trap, but sometimes might amplify the damage to the target. Use with caution, and watch what the DM does when you use it.
Important note: It's got the Radiant keyword, which may be important for Radiant Servants and Students of Caiphon.

Focused Fury(DH2)

If you hit, push another enemy 1. It's a useful feature that you hope you never use... because if you can use it, you didn't get your oath rerolls.

Leading Strike(DP)

Give an ally bonus damage equal to your intelligence modifier. The main problem is your allies are unlikely to be as accurate as you are, so it would have been nicer if you had that bonus damage. But still, that's the only at-will power with extra damage, so that raises it up a notch. Modified by a few domains.

Overwhelming Strike(PHB2)

Move the target around, and move you around. Good for tactical maneuvering, especially pulling enemies out of corners. Unfortunately, does the move after the attack, so you can't use it to get Oath for the current attack. (Note: the maneuvering is optional: PHB2, p219).
The Skill domain allows you to use this as a Basic Melee attack, which is a really good feature. Modified by a LOT of domains.

Radiant Vengeance(PHB2)

Ranged 10 and Temp HP! Yay! Uses the holy symbol you rarely use, and doesn't allow you to roll twice. Boo!!! Use as a ranged intro on those turns you can't get in fast enough. Modified by a LOT of domains.