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After the November 2009 change to Armor of Faith (cloth only), the number of options for armor dropped considerably. While Critvengers might end up in heavy armor, it makes no sense for anyone else to bother with armor proficiency, so this is a list of cloth armor only.


Bloodthread"#000000">(PHB) A perfectly good default armor for everyone: +2 bonus to AC and saves while bloodied. Even Martyrs probably want to reduce their rate of getting hit once they've gotten bloodied.

Shadowflow Armor"#000000">(PHB) Bonus to Stealth checks, that isn't an Item Bonus, and not too expensive (+2). Note that you need Total Concealment to stealth, so the encounter power won't let you hide in plain sight. But it will let you move into plain sight without dropping stealth. And then at Epic, it's just Invisibility, so that works.

Sylvan "#FF0000">Armor(PHB)

Item bonus to Stealth. Shadowflow Armor is strictly superior once you can find it.


Armor of Night"#000000">(AV) The property is Resist Radiant, which is almost completely irrelevant. The encounter power gives you immunity to OAs, which can help in positioning. High-priced though (+3)

Desperate Resolve Vestments"#000000">(PHB2) Insubstantial for a turn as an II is always good, spending a healing surge is gravy, and it's not horribly expensive (+2). But the cheapest one is +3, and it's basically obsoleted by Ghostphase Armor in Epic.

Displacer Armor"#000000">(AV) An encounter long "roll twice to hit me" buff. Poor halflings. Might be nerf-bait.

Enduring Spirit Vestments"#000000">(PHB2) The fact that it's got a trigger is almost irrelevant, you've got good enough Channel Divinity powers that you're sure to use one in any given battle. And it's an encounter long AC buff. So that doesn't suck for a daily power. Cheap too (+1).

Ghostphase "#00BFFF">Armor(PHB)

Necrotic resistance is one of the 3 that seems to ever matter. But the point here is the daily power: insubstantial (good for Martyrs) + Phasing (good for anyone) for two turns. It is expensive though (+3), and the phasing doesn't show up until Epic. Prefer Desperate Resolve Vestments until then.

Illithid Robes"#000000">(AV) Psychic resistance isn't great, but isn't pointless. "Once a day, don't go unconscious" is pretty good if you've drawn too much aggro, but I don't know if it's good enough to justify the price (+4)

Repulsion Armor"#000000">(AV) One encounter, push away a person a round. Not quite Divine Rage "I'd like Oath now, kthx", but close. And cheap (+1).

Robe of Contingency"#000000">(AV) The flavor may be about running away, but the power says nothing of the sort. And being able to spend a healing surge also isn't shabby. Kinda pricey though (+3), especially since the power is an immediate reaction, not interrupt.

Robe of Scintillation"#000000">(AV) Because it can't benefit from Expertise, the daily power won't keep up with your other attacks. But it's cheap, and the power is a useful control attack.

Robe of Stars"#000000">(AV) Most DMs should see this as a prohibitively expensive Rattlesnake power, and give you a free round. They may run (Chasers). Other DMs will just suck it up, in which Martyrs will like running around blinding people while powering up.

Stoneskin Armor"#000000">(AV) 5*Tier Temp HP as an encounter power... not bad. Not cheap though.

Sunleaf Armor"#000000">(PHB) The draw is that you have a large Dexterity modifier, and this gives you a strike-back ability. The problem is that it's a weak daily power, and since it's a daily can't really be used as a rattlesnake power (so enemies won't avoid hidding you in fear)