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by kilpatds, Sep 22,2009
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Like any Radiant archetype build, this starts to take off at 11th after a typical Avenger career through Heroic. At 11th level, the crit range expands to 19-20, and it picks up Devastating Critical, Solar Wrath, and Radiant Action.
The build easily gets around not having a weapon that grants all attacks the Radiant Keyword by taking Bond of Censure as its placement/positioning attack instead of Overwhelming Strike, and by selecting Encounter powers which are non-Standard actions. This allows the Shining Star to use one of its 3 Radiant At-Wills every turn. This serves a double purpose: in addition to allowing the Shining Star to continue checking for crits, it also allows him to take advantage of the vulnerability created by Punishing Radiance (and augmented by Symbol of Divine light) by using the attacks on turns after crits land. Thanks to Pervasive Light, even the non-Radiant attacks benefit from the vuln 15 Radiant he creates.
DPR is helped by equal to his Int mod when he hits while he has Combat Advantage against his target. This is self-perpetuating: when you hit with an attack that deals Radiant damage, you and your allies gain Combat Advantage against the target. Consequently, as long as you're stringing attacks together, you're continually giving yourself CA, and the Starborn bonus damage.
This is important to note for Avenger/MC Cleric + Radiant Advantage + Radiant One builds, because it allows them to use any kind of weapon they want, and not worry about whether or not their Encounter or Daily powers have the Radiant keyword. They just need to stick one Bond of Retribution, and they can start unloading any attack they want.
There is currently a debate about whether or not adding a damage type to an attack grants the attack the keyword of the damage type. Basically, it's implied that doing Radiant damage should add the right keyword, but that's not explicitly stated anywhere.
If your DM agrees that it does, all of a Radiant One's attacks with CA against his target are able to trigger Punishing Radiance/Symbol of Divine Light + Pervasive Light, as well as Font of Radiance. If your DM doesn't agree, you'll still get CA via Radiant Advantage, since it just asks if you did Radiant damage.


Start by hitting with Bond of Retribution. The target now grants CA (Radiant Advantage), which means your next attack also deals Radiant damage (Starborn). On the next attack, use a real attack power. Because it does Radiant Damage (equal to your Intelligence Modifier), Radiant Servant makes it crit on 19-20, and Radiant Advantage gives you CA, extending the cycle.
If you get a critical, spend an Action Point. Punishing Radiance gave the target you crit (and any monster near it) vulnerable 10 radiant. Radiant Action allows you to give an enemy within 5 squares of you ongoing (your level) Radiant damage, which will add with the vulnerability and really just feel unfair. The Symbol of Divine Light is to increase the vulnerability by 5 more.
Font of Radiance will also automatically kick in here: doing radiant damage to the target and anyone next to it.
This spreading of radiant damage can help you transfer the CA-keeping trick to a different enemy without having to go back to Bond of Retribution.
If you want to make the whole battlefield glow, use your d20 from Radiant Servant. It has a rather large area, which allows you to make a lot of attacks (which crit on 19-20) to start up the glowstick madness.
And with this much radiant insanity, the Ring of Radiant storm will actually add some noticeable damage.

Shining Star, level 30

Human, Avenger, Radiant Servant, Radiant One
Avenger's Censure: Censure of Retribution
Background: Human - Ancestral Holdings (History class skill)

Str 10, Con 14, Dex 12, Int 24, Wis 26, Cha 14.
Str 8, Con 12, Dex 10, Int 16, Wis 16, Cha 12.

AC: 48 Fort: 40 Reflex: 42 Will: 43
HP: 202 Surges: 9 Surge Value: 50
Heal +29, Religion +28, Streetwise +23, Perception +29, History +28
Acrobatics +16, Arcana +28, Bluff +17, Diplomacy +17, Dungeoneering +23, Endurance +17, Insight +23, Intimidate +23, Nature +23, Stealth +16, Thievery +16, Athletics +15
Human: Armor Proficiency (Leather)
Level 1: Initiate of the Faith
Level 2: Power of Skill
Level 4: Weapon Proficiency (Fullblade)
Level 6: Weapon Expertise (Heavy Blade)
Level 8: Weapon Focus (Heavy Blade)
Level 10: Improved Armor of Faith
Level 11: Devastating Critical
Level 12: Pledge of Retribution
Level 14: Protected Isolation
Level 16: Paragon Defenses (retrained to Robust Defenses at Level 21)
Level 18: Eager for Blood
Level 20: Pervasive Light
Level 21: Radiant Advantage
Level 22: Punishing Radiance
Level 24: Font of Radiance
Level 26: Divine Mastery
Level 28: Epic Resurgence
Level 30: Triumphant Attack
Avenger at-will 1: Bond of Retribution
Avenger at-will 1: Bond of Censure
Bonus At-Will Power: Radiant Vengeance
Avenger encounter 1: Avenging Echo
Avenger daily 1: Aspect of Might
Avenger utility 2: Distracting Flare
Avenger encounter 3: Fury's Advance
Avenger daily 5: Menacing Presence
Avenger utility 6: Aspect of Agility
Avenger encounter 7: Chains of Censure
Avenger daily 9: Glyph of Agony
Avenger utility 10: Leading Step
Avenger encounter 13: Crimson Stride (replaces Avenging Echo)
Avenger daily 15: Aspect of Fury (replaces Glyph of Agony)
Avenger utility 16: Astral Cloak
Avenger encounter 17: Vengeful Parry (replaces Chains of Censure)
Avenger daily 19: Vengeful Recovery (replaces Aspect of Might)
Avenger utility 22: Twin Step
Avenger encounter 23: Bond of Justice (replaces Crimson Stride)
Avenger daily 25: Temple of Brilliance (replaces Menacing Presence)
Avenger encounter 27: Spark of Hatred (replaces Bond of Justice)
Avenger daily 29: Fiery Vengeance (replaces Aspect of Fury)

Magic Starleather Armor +6, Bloodiron Fullblade +6, Symbol of Divine Light +6, Iron Armbands of Power (epic tier), Spark Slippers (paragon tier), Iron of Spite (epic tier), Amulet of Protection +6, Many-Fingered Gloves (paragon tier), War Ring (paragon tier) (2), Belt of Vim (epic tier), Backlash Tattoo (heroic tier), Ring of the Radiant Storm (paragon tier)