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by kilpatds, Aug 28,2009

Archtypes =
For the purposes of evaluating powers and feats, this handbook uses several stereotypical categories of Avenger build. These are not inclusive of every Avenger build... for example I don't address Avenger Feychargers at all. But it should cover most of them.


This is pretty straight forward: Go run after things and kill them. If they run away, kill them faster. Builds tend to focus on charge abilities and powers. You might want to MC fighter to pick up some stances to help convince your target to run, so don't dump strength.
  • Style: Censure of Pursuit
  • Races: Elves, Razorclaw Shifters
  • PPath: Pitfighter, Moonstalker, Ardent Champion
  • Array: Str 12, Con 12, Dex 16, Int 10, Wis 16, Cha 8


This is for people who want to play rogues, but carry a big weapon. A lot of stealth focus. Most Multiclass rogue, and go into Dagger Master for the crit range.
Important note: the ratings in this handbook generally assume a large weapon, and value high [[W]] powers. You're using a d4. Watch out for that and adjust the powers you take
  • Style: Censure of Pursuit
  • Races: Elves, Razorclaw Shifters
  • PPath: Dagger Master, Zealous Assassin
  • Array: Str 8, Con 12, Dex 16, Int 10, Wis 16, Cha 12

[[Avenger/Builds/Ninja Example Build]]


This is a build based around abusing Censure of Retribution. You run into the middle of a pile of bad guys, and try and get them to hit you. Then you shift away from them but still next to your target, beat the stuffing out of your it. You really really want to be paired up with a good warlord, both to keep you on your feet, and to give you bonus attacks when your static damage bonus is through the roof.
  • Style: Censure of Retribution
  • Races: Devas, Longtooth Shifters, Dwarves
  • PPath: Dreadnought, Simbarch of Aglarond
  • Array: Str 10, Con 13, Dex 11, Int 16, Wis 16, Cha 8

[[Avenger/Builds/Martyr Example Build]]

Crit Fisherman

Here you are choosing the Avenger base class for the Oath feature, then trying to get multi-attack powers from other classes with the goal of throwing so darn many dice each turn that you're bound to crit. Some of you are focused more on even DPR than actual Crit Fishing, but as far as the build elements go, they are all pretty much the same so I'm grouping them all together.
If there is an Avenger build that is overpowered, and will cause your DM to kill your character, it's this one.
There are actually two variants of this. One is a traditional Static+Multiattack Half-elf. Strength is your attack stat. Pump accuracy and damage per attack. The second is focused on crit damage, and focuses heavily on your crit range and doing special things on a crit. Accuracy can suffer slightly, as most of your DRP comes on rolling 18-20 on your attack roll.
Problem: No armor class. You have to abandon two of Dex, Int, or Wis, and you get no armor proficiency at all. That +3 won't go far. You'll have to put some points into Con to qualify for hide armor proficiency (and later specialization), but a starting 13 will do it.
The type that depends on an 18+ crit range is best off starting at Paragon. Since you depend on high rolls to do your damage, you can afford to gimp your attack stats, but that crit range that lets you get away with it doesn't kick in until Paragon.
  • Style: Unity or Pursuit
  • Races: Half-Elf or Revenant Half-Elf. Dilettante Mastery for the win. Longtooth Shifters.
  • PPath: Pitfighter, Son of Mercy, Paragon Multiclass Ranger, Ardent Champion
  • Array: Str 16, Con 13, Dex 11, Int 10, Wis 16, Cha 8

  • Style: Unity or Pursuit.
  • Races: Half-Elf or Revenant Half-Elf. Dilettante Mastery(Twin Strike) for the win.
  • PPath: Student of Caiphon, Daggermaster
  • Array: Str 14, Con 13, Dex 14, Int 10, Wis 16, Cha 8

[[Avenger/Builds/Critvenger Example Build]]

Master of Defense

The Anti-Martyr. Some of you really don't want to be hit. While this handbook in general advocates using your defenses to allow you to get away with taking insane risks, there's another approach: Use you defenses to convince your targets to get bored and wander off, which gives you those damage bonuses. This should effectively play like a defender: Take some Brute or BBEG off to the side for some private time. It won't be able to hit you, if it runs ("ignores your mark") you beat it up faster. And then once the rest of the encounter is down, the party will help you finish it off.
  • Style: Pursuit, Unity
  • Races: Humans, Razorclaw Shifters
  • Weapon Types: Flails, Heavy Blades
  • PPath: Pitfighter, Son of Mercy, War Priest, Deadnought
  • Array: Str 14, Con 13, Dex 14, Int 10, Wis 16, Cha 8

[[Avenger/Builds/MasterOfDefense Lord Duskblades example is the definitive version, but here's my version that has a real mark.]]

Controler Minor

There are a lot of controller effects, and some good feats that will allow you to stack up good save-ends penalties. The basic approach should still be to get into melee: many of your powers are Melee Touch, and there are other good save-ends melee weapon powers that will work well with an enemy who can't make saves.
I'd tend to suggest being a Hybrid Swordmage|Avenger, so that you can use your sword for the implement powers. You need Light of Truth (and pick up Salves of Power), and pick up the penalize-saves Epic feat as soon as you can.
[[Avenger/Builds/AvengIzard Example Build]]

Leader Minor

This will usually be based off the Censure of Unity. You use forced movement and a few other powers to make your teammates better strikers.