by menonoti, Oct 17,2009
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Races =

  • Bleakers:
  • Stalkers: Changeling
  • Brutes: Revenant(Goliath), Goliath



Your Charisma bonus is nice, but you have much better callings than Assassination.


You have no Dex bonus and are slow so most would rule you out immediately, but Second Wind as a minor action (Assassins need all the healing they can get) and with a feat your Second Wind refreshes Shade Form and you gain access to the Mordinkrad and a damage bonus with one feat. Hammer Rhythm at Paragon level means always doing damage. With a stat array (before racials) of 10 Str, 14 Con, 18 Dex, 8 Int, 11 Wis, 10 Cha you could make a good Bleaker and within range of Hero of Faith


Your Dex bonus keeps you at the top of the class of attack bonuses and Eladrin Soldier allows you to use the Greatspear with a damage bonus. You need to take Twilight Phantom Step or Fey Step is a waste.


Dex bonus, Elven Accuracy, Speed of 7, bonus to Perception, and proficiency with the Longbow give you great options. Easy access to Hero of Faith -- Booyah!



Assassin really couldn't be a more horrible choice for you. The racial power and the bonus to defense vs bloodied creatures are nice, but nothing else is useful.



Dex bonus, Initiative bonus, great Racial, Wis bonus for access to Hero of Faith, and Githzerai Blade Mastery gets you the Fullblade with damage bonus for one feat.

Dragon Magazine

Gnoll (367)

The perfect stats for a Bleaker, Speed of 7, great skill bonuses, damage bonuses when bloodied, and Pack Attack + Shadow Storm will pile on the damage bonuses



Your Dex bonus is useful and Razor Storm could be useful to discourage enemies from swarming you, but there isn't anything great for the Assassin.



Perfect stat bonuses to be a Stalker, great thematically, combat advantage 1/encounter, a great party face -- time to sign up.



Welcome to the guild of Stalkers! Perfect stats, darkvision, great skill bonuses, fantastic racial powers -- you are what all Stalkers aspire to be.


Ha ha ha ha! You need to find other work. Next!



You could be great if there was some better support. Your Dex bonus, oversized weapons, "sneak attack", and bonus to stealth all work -- too bad you have no feat support.


Your Con bonus will get you into the Bleaker Guild, your Initiative bonus gets you into the battle sooner, and your Will defense bonus will help a lot -- but why fly when you can teleport? You have no feat support too. You really aren't cut out for this.



You have the right stat bonuses for a Bleaker but the racial property is horrible and there is no feat support


You are faster than a Dwarf and have darkvision, but you have none of the cool feats that make the Dwarf at least plausible.