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Heroic Powers

Level 1, Encounter

Gloom Thief – If you can immobilize the enemy somehow, or if used in tight spaces, this power is great. Otherwise, you have solid damage and a decent effect.
"#0000FF">Nightmare Shades – Being vs. Will is great, and it also does good damage and gives you +2 to hit and +Cha damage if you are a Night Stalker. This will probably be the Night Stalker choice at this level, and is Sky Blue for them.
Shadow Darts – You can do good damage early on with this, and, even if the first attack or two misses, your shrouds are still fine.
Smothering Shadow – Better if you are a Bleak Disciple, but I’m not sure if it’s really great. Probably Blue for them.

Level 1, Daily

Grave Spike – The damage is okay, but the ongoing is pretty nice, and prone is great for CA. The attack bonus makes it more likely your shrouds will be used to their fullest effect.
Strangling Shadow – Likely to hit since vs. Fort, and the effect lets you be controller-y and does ongoing damage, but the base damage is meh. Plus, you can completely isolate it, which is nice for Night Stalkers.
Targeted for Death – vs. Will is good, the damage is pretty good, and the effect… well, is amazing.
Terrifying Visage – I feel like Changelings should get a bonus to this one :P. In all seriousness, this is pretty overshadowed by Strangling Shadow, as it tries to isolate an enemy, but is less accurate, has no ongoing damage, and you can’t keep isolating it.

Level 2, Utility

Note, I am okay at best at judging utilities, so other opinions on this would be nice.
Cat’s Trickery – If it were able to douse every light source, it would be great. As it stands, it’s so-so. Drow skip this.
Cloak of Shades – Useful both in and out of combat. You give yourself good defense bonuses in battle, and it can be used with Shade Form to hide anywhere.
Lurking Shadow – This allows you to be ridiculously sneaky for a while, but it’s only once per day. It depends on how often you get caught sneaking around, and where your campaigns usually are.
Shadow Meld – Your entire party just became stealthy! If you travel around with a bunch of clunkers, this is a nice contender for this level, as it lets your whole party try to position themselves for a battle 1/day.

Level 3, Encounter

Army of the Night – Note that this is a weapon vs. Will, which is very accurate, so it’s a good power to invoke shrouds on. The damage is pretty bad, but there are benefits: other enemies may not know about the effect, and if they do it keeps your foe isolated for Night Stalkers.
Cloaking Mist – Eh, it’s a blast with okay damage, but attacking multiple foes doesn’t do much for you. The effect can be nice, but it’s situational.
Inescapable Shadow – Good for its mobility, but you might be able to get to your target anways. Still, it frees up your move action for other uses, and does decent damage.
Nightshade’s Kiss – For mini-controllers, eat your heart out. Weapon vs. Reflex makes it accurate, and with decent damage and a good controller effect, the whole party can move someone around the battlefield for a turn. Bleak Disciples get even more fun.

Level 5, Daily

Heart of Dust – The damage is okay, and so is the effect. However, it can keep the enemy isolated nicely, or damage nearby enemies if they don’t know. Note this is your first poison power.
Shadow Soul – This is really intended to pressure artillery so you stay adjacent I think, but overall it’s not that great of a power.
Treacherous Shades - This can be used really well as a divide and conquer power, as who wants to constantly grant CA?
Twilight Assassin – If only this were a close burst, not ranged. However, it still does decent damage, gives you a near–constant flanking buddy for the rest of the encounter, and you get a good minor action attack and bonus damage with Shadow Storm.

Level 6, Utility

Darting Shadow – Nice for sneaking around, which you do a lot.
Sheltering Dark – This reminds me of Cloak of Shades. Which was level 2.
Slayer’s Escape – Would be ridiculous if it were an Interrupt. But it isn’t. As it is, it’s still a very solid hex.
Slithering Shadow – Wheeeee, you’re a kobold!

Level 7, Encounter

Captured Shadow – Damage is pretty weak at this level, but so are all the other Assassin powers here. The fun thing is you can move it on its own turn, at any point, and it can isolate it for Night Stalkers. Controller-y.
Echoing Threat – vs. Will, but the damage is pitiful. It serves to isolate the target by making it move away from others, or deal damage to there targets, so it’s a bit controller-ish. Night Stalkers get to really close in on it then.
Shadow Jack – This can be a really fun power. It’s okay attack and damage-wise, and it adds to your defense as well with insubstantial. If you have good defenses, then this can be a great power; even if not, it deters enemies from trying to hit you.
Shadow Link – Damage is just okay, and the effect is honestly pretty bad, as you can only get up to three more shrouds on the target, and do you really want to be hit? For Bleak Disciples, that piddly THP won’t do much to help here.

Level 9, Daily

Black Garrote – Okay, so the damage and controlling elements on this power might look nice, but you are stuck to this guy, and you have to burn Standard actions, and you don’t make any more attacks. Say bye to invoking shrouds for a while. Can be used as a delay, though, while you build up shrouds. Just keep your Fort and Ref high if you go for this. Oh, and it’s reliable, which is nice, I guess.
Bound by Shadow – The weapon vs. Fort makes it more likely to hit, but this can be really fun if you use it on an enemy leader. It might do weak damage initially, but the target likely won’t attack you, and other enemies might hesitate if the target is important. Pretty defensive.
Obscuring Shadows – Weapon vs. Will is always nice, the damage is okay, and the effect is neat, especially against solos.
Wall of Shadows – Mini-controllers can have fun with this. You attempt to deter creatures from moving through it, and it blocks line of sight. The biggest issue, though, is that it’s only a Wall 5. It really doesn’t help your mobility that much, and the damage is pretty pitiful.

Level 10, Utility

Mist Walk – This is nice for your mobility, especially if there are obstacles or enemies in your way, but it’s a daily. It’s comparable to Expeditious Retreat, a level 1 Wizard utility power.
Promise of Retribution – Another nice revenge power: you teleport to safety, then go back to beat them up. Unfortunately, also a daily.
Seeker of Shadow – Once combat has already started, sneaking is a lot less important. Still, the damage bonus is okay and being undetectable has its perks.
Slayer’s Endurance – Up to 20 THP once per encounter? That’s very good to mitigate your squishiness, though Bleak Disciples need to note that THP doesn’t stack.