by menonoti, Dec 12,2009
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To avoid a huge wall of text, this page has been split into several sub pages.
  • [[Powers/Heroic|Heroic Powers]]
  • [[Powers/Paragon|Paragon Powers]]
  • [[Powers/Epic|Epic Powers]]
  • [[Powers/MultiClass|Multi-class Powers]]
  • [[Powers/Skill|Skill Powers]]

But we'll deal with At-Will powers here.

At Will Powers =

Executioner's Noose

1d6 + Dex mod damage, pull 2, and slowed. Great way to start a combat, where you might not be able to get into melee yet, but can deny somone actions while you shroud someone else. If used like this, dont pull, and just use the slow. Also usefull for pulling people into pits.

Inescapable Blade

1[[W]] + Dex Mod damage at melee +2 reach, and ignores cover and superior cover. A good at will for anyone going reach weapon for melee reach 4.

Leaping Shade

1[[W]] + Dex mod, +1 for each shroud on your target. Not very good, as if you have alot of shrouds on the target, your going to want to invoke them, usualy with a encounter or a daily that is more accurate so the shrouds dont miss and do -1 shroud damage.

Shadow Storm

1[[W]] + Dex mod, +1 for each creature adjacent to the target. This can do tons of extra damage, I usualy get about +2-3 at least.