by menonoti, Oct 16,2009
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Role: Striker =
The Assassin is a Shadow Striker. Strikers are responsible for killing or disabling monsters -- usually through massive damage. The Assassin has a reliable damage mechanism (Assassin's Shroud) that can provide consistent or high spike damage.
  • DPR:
  • The ability to target: The Assassin is extremely mobile. With an at-will teleport and an encounter insubstantial power it is nearly impossible to keep you away from your target.
  • Spike Damage: Assassin's Shroud encourages you to wait to invoke the shrouds until you have laid 4 onto your target for even if you miss you get 75% of the max damage.

Secondary Roles

  • Defender: The target of your Assassin's shroud will want to kill you before you apply and then trigger 4 shrouds, but you don't have the HP to stand up to a heavy beating.
  • Controller: You have a couple powers that allow you to move or debuff your target.
  • Leader: You are not a leader...

Class Features =

HP, Surges, Proficiencies

  • Hit Points: 10 + Con score at 1st level, 4 each additional level. You are as tough as a wizard -- to survive combat you need to make the most of your ability to avoid damage by being hidden, invisible, or insubstantial. Bleak Disciples are a bit better off.
  • Surges: 6 + Con Modifier. See above.
  • Proficiencies: Your proficiencies are very limited. You do get military blades, but you will likely want to use a feat to get an improved weapon. With your high dexterity and mobility powers, leather armor should be sufficient. It is too bad you can't use your Dex mod with Eladrin Chainmail...Oh well.

Assassin's Shroud

Guild Training

Bleak Disciple

Night Stalker

Shadow Form

Shadow Step