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by kilpatds, Oct 9,2012
The goal here is a quick mini-guide for damage boosts for things like Brutal Barrage, or Unlucky Teleport (assuming it's not attached to a power)
Non-Attacks / Non-Rolls
  • Radiant One: +Int to everything (ED, Fire&Radiant)
  • Vulnerabilities:
    • Lasting Frost (feat, Cold)
    • Rod of Ulban (Item, Psychic)
    • Morninglord (PP, Radiant)
    • Alternate Elemental Warlock (class, random)
  • Pelor's Boon: +Wis|Con if vuln Radiant ("Item", Radiant)

Attacks that hit, but have static damage
  • Claw Gloves: Melee attacks w/ CA
  • Son of Mercy: +Wis to your designated target (PP, Untyped)
  • Crippling Crush: +Con when slow. (Warden Class feat, Untyped)
  • Weird Vulnerabilities
    • Sarifal Feywarden "To your attacks" (Theme, pick)

Non-Attacks w/ Rolls
  • Psychic Focus (Shardmind feat, Psychic)
  • Dual Mind Strength (Kalashtar feat, Psychic)
  • Burning Vapors (Paragon feat, Acid)
  • Fiery Blood (Paragon feat, Fire)
  • Icy Heart (Paragon feat, Cold)
  • Lightning Soul (Paragon Feat, Lightning)
  • Thunder's Rumble (Paragon Feat, Thunder)