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Ready whenever somebody levels enough to fight Fight 1 Craft Jewelry 255 gp (17x15=255) Prefight Actions
Create mindblade, Ready Psychic Strike, Gain psionic focus, Form mindblade shape bastard sword Ashtin Gender and Race: Male Wood Elf Size and Type: Med. Humaniod Height and Weight: 5'4" 130 lb Age: 113 (no modifier) Alignment: Chaotic Good ECL: 15 Experience: 105,005/120,000
Attributes STR 29 (+9) DEX 20 (+5) CON 16 (+3) INT 10 (+0) WIS 8 (-1) CHA 8 (-1)
Miscellaneous Statistics Hit Points: 132.0 Armor Class (35): Normal Armor Class (19): Touch Armor Class (30): Flat footed Initiative: +5 Base Attack Bonus: +11 Grapple: +19 Speed (Land): 40 ft (-10 when not focused) Weight Carried: 63 lbs, light encumbrance

Saves Fortitude: +13 Reflex: +19 Will: +13 Spell Resistance: 0
Attacks Melee
Touch +20, 20/x2 crit Mindblade (shortsword) +25/20/15, 1d6+17 dmg, 17-20/x2 crit Mindblade (longsword) +25/20/15, 1d8+17 dmg, 17-20/x2 crit Mindblade (bastard sword) +25/20/15, 1d10+21 dmg, 17-20/x2 crit Silver Longsword +20/15/10, 1d8+8 (+12 2 handed)dmg, 19-20/x2 crit Cold Iron Morningstar +20/15/10, 1d8+9 (13 2 handed) dmg, 20/x2 crit Ranged
Ranged Touch +15, 20/x2 crit Longbow +16/11/6, 1d8 dmg 20/x3 crit 100' Mindblade (shortsword) +21/16/11, 1d6+17, 19-20/x2 crit 30' Mindblade (longsword) +21/16/11, 1d8+17, 19-20/x2 crit 30' Mindblade (bastard sword) +21/16/11, 1d10+21, 19-20/x2 crit 30'

Special Attacks & Abilities Psi/Spell-like Abilities
None Class Notes
Mind Blade: Can creat mind blade as free action one per round. It is a shortsword, 2 shortswords, longsword, or bastard sword that is magic for purposes of bypassing damage reduction. +3 enhancement for level 12, +3 enhancement bonus for level 14, chosen from list (Collision, Lucky). Throw mind blade: Can throw mindblade at a range of 30'. Psychic Strike: Move action to imbue weapon, lasts until next successful hit. Does bonus 4d8 damage against any creature vulnerable to mind affecting abilities. Supernatural, at-will ability Bladewind: Attack all opponents in reach as a full round action (like whirlwind). Knife to the Soul: May substitute mental ability score damage for psychic strike damage.
Race Notes
Gets a search check for passing within 5' of a secret door Gets +2 to search, spot, and listen Immune to sleep effects +2 to saves vs. enchantments Proficient with Longsword, rapier, and long and shortbows. Low light vision Feats Weapon Focus Mindbladeclass 1 Wild Talentclass 1 Improved Initiative dodgeLv 1approval Psionic WeaponLv 3 Speed of Thoughtclass 6 Power AttackLv 6
Greater Weapon Focusbonus 9
Deep ImpactLv 9 Improved Critical, MindbladeLv 12 Power CriticalLv 15
Skills Total Skill Points: 72 Languages: Common, Elven Armor Check Penalty: -1
Spot: +17 Listen: +1 Hide: +12 Move Silently: +14
Balance: +6 Jump: +11 (+15 when focused) Climb: +8 Swim: +7
Tumble: +19 Craft (jewelry): +7 Knowledge(psionics): +1 Concentration: +16
Equipment Worn and Carried Clothing Hand of Glory Longbow Ring of Blinking 36 Arrows Mithral Breastplate +2 Gloves of Dex +2 Belt of Strength +6 Amulet of Health +4 Cloak of Resistance +5 Heavy Shield, wooden Cold Morningstar Silver Longsword MW buckler +3 Animated Heavy Shield of Heartening, darkwood Boots, Winged Ring of Protection +3 Skin of the Defender MW Artisan Tools Dusty Rose Prism Ioun Stone Sunrod x3 6gp} Silversheen x2 500gp} Antitoxin x2 100gp} Expendable Items Current/Max Total GP: 1,450/2450 gp Potion of Shield of Faith(+2) x2, Potion of protection from evil x4, Tattoo of Chameleon x1, Tattoo of Synthisate x2, Potion of Enlarge Person CL 2 x2, Potion of Reduce Person CL 2 x 2, Oil Corrupt Weapon x2, Oil Bless Weapon x2
Equipment at Home Gold Coins
Previously Owned Sold Items
Chain Shirt +1 (sold for 625 gp) Gauntlets of Ogre Power
Amulet of Natural Armour +2 Misc. Expenditures
Potion of Shield of Faithx16 Potion of Protection from Good x2 Potion of Protection from Evil x4 Potion of Reduce Person Tattoo Chameleon Antidotex3 Sunrod x2
Fight Cycle Information Fight 1
Ashtin loses, gains 1400xp / 5666gp Time: 4h Ongoing: None Used: 1 winged boots, hand of glory see invis Spells/PP: Na Free: craft +238gp Fight 2
Ashtin wins, gaining 4200 xp / 17000 gp +238gp Time: 4h Ongoing: - Spells/PP: - Abilities: 1 use boots flying, 1 use heartening shield Items: potion of reduce person, tattoo chameleon Free: craft 238gp Fight Results Win vs. Illendil (Telin Artho) +900 gp, +900 xp Got lucky he failed his snipe Win vs. Scorpio (Eluria) {533 gp) It was close until I started rolling badly. I guess it was bound to happen. Loss vs. Krixx (Eluria) {577.78 gp) A powerful character who is resistant to my mindblade and I rolled badly to boot. Win vs. The Bully (TelinArtho) {1,600gp) Close matchup, but I got two lucky hits before he was even in range to hit me. Loss vs. Ant (TelinArtho) {768 gp) 7d10 mindblast... and higher than average damage to boot. Loss vs. Fayne (Eluria) {935 gp) Close. Close only counts in horshoes and handgrenades, though. Loss vs. Eranor (TelinArtho) {824.2 gp) I failed my save vs. poison for insta-death. Loss vs. Thanio (Yitzi) {768 gp) Blasted crits... Loss vs. Farig (TelinArtho) {810.9 gp) Wow... Close fight, but I'm done with my losing streak I hope. Win vs. Krixx Gekkins (Eluria) , Best 2/3 to redeem myself, and I shoved him into lava. Loss vs. Ialgo (TelinArtho) {1029 gp) Blasted blindness... Win vs. Thanio Deerfriend (Yitzi) , Much better arena than last time, for me that is. Loss vs. Dentik Earthmolder (TelinArtho) {1071 gp) Blasted blindness... Loss vs. Uknown Monster (TelinArtho) {985 gp) Phasm. In Horned Devil Form. Win vs. Lady Fayne (Eluria) , Tough foe, but she had some bad wand luck. Win vs. Qhorsryn del Khesin (Eluria) , The words "TOTAL FLUKE" are the best desriptors of this fight. Loss vs. Hayroll (Eluria) {1269 gp) Ambush+darkness+Guarenteed Sneak attack. My rolls were pretty awful, too. Loss vs. Fairy Rogue 3 {1269 gp) Invisible.... Loss vs. Stone Giant {1269 gp) Ow.... Loss vs. Dentik Earthmoulder (TelinArtho) {1552 gp)Bad day for will saves. Win vs. Thanio Deerfriend (Yitzi) , Managed to force him into melee. Win vs. 2 Lycnathrope Trolls (Wereviper) , A very close melee fight with a last minute crit for the win. Win vs. 2 Flesh Golems , Flesh golems aren't the hardest foe when you have no spells for them to be immune to. Win vs. Ialgo and Darggon , Incredible saves and a timely crit made this battle almost cheating. Loss vs. Thanio Deerfriend and Gulgar the Great(TelinArtho and Yitzi) {2003 gp) Way to crit miss my big first blow. Loss vs. 4 Meatbags (zombie Gray Renders) Too much meat... Loss vs. Eluria's Gang (Ahordryn and Lady Fayne) Phantasmal killer just ended that before it began. Loss vs. Hayrol and friends (Eluria) Constant lightning barage. Loss vs. Guardian Naga These Unknown Monsters are killer... Loss vs. Dragon Dragon. Win vs. Naga , A timely crit made this battle almost cheating. Loss vs. Vampires DR+Fast Healing+Unhurtable swarms. Loss vs. 3 Efreeti Monsters are tough... Win vs. Sir Valkin, Close, but he had some poor rounds on attack rolls. Loss vs. Spiked Demon Monsters are tough... Loss vs. 2 Advanced Greater Shadows Couldn't roll a concealment check to save my life on that fight. Loss vs. Kraegin Blasphemy was the game winner there. Loss vs.Aquiin Close, but I spent too much time on allies. Loss vs. Devourer It only takes one bad roll... Loss vs. Retriever That was a horrible round for rolls. Loss vs. Hayroll, Fayne, and Ghost A lucky crit turned a hard fight into a joke. Loss vs. Gulgar and Valkin It was a quick and bloody fight, but at least it was close. Win vs. 3 Celestial Ogre Mages , Let's hope this keeps up. Loss vs. Lady Fayne and Advanced Gorgon Talk about crazy insta-kills. Loss vs. Night Hag Missing my super-dive really lost that fight for me. Win vs. Inevitable, Kolyarut , Finally a foe I can kill. I'm hoping good thing for ECL 13. Win vs. Kraegin (TelinArtho) , Dead before he could get a good spell off. Win vs. Psibeast (Vathelokai) , Dead before he could get a good spell off. Again. Loss vs.Aquiin (Telin) Close fight with a melee monster. Loss vs. Psibeast (Vathelokai) Cursed roller... Win vs. Iron Golem , No equipment makes all the difference. Loss vs. 2 Phreric Dragons (Yitzi) Note the 2. Loss vs. Nightwing (Eluria) Dread Wraith made it for the beast. Win vs. 2 Fiendish Fire Giants , Came back from behind. Win vs. 3 Half Dragon Spirit Naga , Caught them off guard. Default Tactics Hunt down opponent and attack from either range or melee. Use deep impact on first blow in conjunction with full power attack. If opponent is ranged base, try to close in and keep focus for speed. Use whirlwind attack if presented with multiple foes. Fly if needed to cathch foe. If flying, try to set up for dive attack.