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Company of the Manticore
Character Name: Masami Rayeld Race: Hamadryad(Human) Class: Skald
  • [[ruined_core:Heshamoketh|Heshamoketh]]
Bio: Is there something more beyond these walls? Someone out there longing to be by my side as I have longed to be nearer to them? Why do I feel this way after all this time? Even I am unsure. All I know is that I have felt this way for as long as I can remember. I love my family, but I am tired now. Tired of fulfilling my duties to my family only to deny myself. Tired of being treated like a helpless little girl and an ignorant child by those I meet for the first time. Hmph...Those who are closest to me know that I am everything but helpless and ignorant. Tired of being locked away behind these walls unable to seek that which I am longing for deep within my very soul. That was how I felt until the day I received a letter. The letter requested my presence in Akaureth with no other explanation except that the King wanted me to meet with a Noble inside the city. It was time to cast off the shackles that have kept me tied down for so long. Time to consider handing over responsibility to the next generation.
Much has happened since I received that letter. I have had the opportunity to meet several of the townspeople while staying in Akaureth and have grown closer to some of them. I especially love spending time with the children. While meeting with the Noble at my King's request, I was introduced to a young Lord. He then introduced his daughter whom through instruction from the King I have been given authority over. She will become my ward and I her teacher. Most important of all, I have found a new purpose in life and I believe that maybe just maybe this new purpose will lead me down the path I have hoped to travel since I was a little girl.
Character: Masami Rayeld Race: Hamadryad (Human) Class: Skald Theme: Underdark(Feywild} Envoy Paragon: Epic: Level:9


Str 8/Con 12/Dex 18/Int 10/Wis 14/Cha 20
AC 23/FD 16/RD 21/WD 21 HP 64/BV 32/SV 16 Surges 8 Init +8/ Spd 6 PI 21/PP 22


Arcana 9/ Diplomacy 20/ Heal 11/ Perception 11/ Streetwise 14/ Nature 13/ Religion 9/ Insight 11

Acrobatics, Stealth, and Thievery 8/ Dungeoneering and History 7/ Athletics 3/ Intimidate 10/ Endurance 5/ Bluff 14


  • Oaken Vitality
  • Tree Mind
  • Forest Walk


Resist 1 All


  • Ritual Caster
  • Mending Spirit
  • Spirit Talker
  • Rousing Voice
  • Initiate of the Faith
  • Fervent Talent
  • Human Resolve


Lesser Flash of Distraction: encounter/Arcane you hit an enemy w/basic weapon attack
  • effect: Enemy is dazed until the end of your next turn
Staggering Note: at-will/Arcane, Implement, Thunder Range:10 Target:one creature
  • Attack: Cha vs Will
  • Hit: Cha mod thunder dmg and push trgt 2 sq. As free action an ally of my choice may make a melee basic att before, during or after forced movement
Song of Serendipity: at-will/Martial Personal
  • effect: Until end of enc or use of another bard at-will attack power: Each time I hit an enemy with a basic attack, one ally in my aura gains +2 power bonus to their nxt attack roll
Hamadryad Aspects: encounter/Arcane? Personal
  • effect: Choose 1 aspect
    • Spellbinding Beauty: every enemy that can see me grants combat adv until end of my nxt turn
    • Wooden Form: gain resist 5 to all dmg until end of my nxt turn Lvl 11:10 Lvl 21:15
Skald's Aura: encounter/Arcane, Healing, Martial Personal
  • effect: activate aura 5 last until end of enc 2x per encounter but only once per turn me or ally can use a minor action to spend a surge and regain add 1d6. Alternative, me or ally can use minor action to allow ally to spend surge and gain add 1d6 Lvl 6:2d6, Lvl 11:3d6, Lvl 16:4d6 and 3x per enc, Lvl 21:5d6, Lvl 26:6d6
Words of Friendship: Encounter/Arcane, Charm Personal
  • effect:gain +5 power bonus to nxt diplomacy check before end of my nxt turn
Insidious Commentary: Encounter/Martial Ranged 5 one creature
  • Attack:Cha+2 vs. Will
  • Hit:trgt grants combat adv until end of nxt turn and my nxt attack on trgt this turn deals an extra 1d6 dmg
Disruptive Words: Daily/ Martial Personal
  • effect: until end of enc enemies in aura grant combat advantage, Once when an enemy takes dmg that enemy can be dazed(save ends)
Arrow of Warning: Daily/Arcane, Weapon Triggering Enemy
  • Trigger: enemy w/range attacks an ally
  • Cha vs RD
  • Hit: 3[W]+Cha mod dmg and ally who was attacked can make an at-will attack + Wis mod as a free action
  • Miss: half dmg
Ballad of the Zombie King: Encounter/Arcane, Fear, Implement, Psychic Close Burst 2 each enemy in burst
  • Attack: Cha vs. Will
  • Hit: 1d8+ Cha mod psychic dmg and target takes -2 penalty to att rolls until end of my nxt turn
Speak With Spirits: Daily/Primal, Personal
  • effect: During this turn gain bonus to your next skill check equal to Wis mod (+2)
Healing Spirit: Encounter/ Healing,Primal Close Burst 5
  • effect: target can spend a healing surge. If they do so one ally, other than target, adj to my spirit companion regains 1d6 HP, Lvl 6:2d6, Lvl 11:3d6, Lvl 16:4d6, Lvl 21 5d6, and Lvl 26:6d6
Spirit's Shield: Encounter/ Healing,Implement,Primal,Spirit Melee Spirit 1
  • Trigger: enemy leaves a square adj to spirit without shifting
  • Attack: Wis vs RD
  • Hit: Wis mod dmg (+2)
  • effect: one ally w/5sq of spirit companion regains Wis mod HP (+2)
Arrow of Ill Omen: Daily/Arcane, Weapon Ranged:Weapon Target:one creature
  • Attack: Cha vs AC
  • Hit: 2(W)+Cha mod dmg
  • Miss: half dmg
  • Effect: Choose an ally w/10sq. Until end of enc, when that ally hits the target but does not score a critical hit, you roll a d20. If you roll a 15 or higher, that attack becomes a critical hit, and this effect ends.
Revitalizing Incantation: Encounter/Arcane, Healing me or 1 ally w/5sqs
  • Effect: target can spend a surge additionally gain temp HP equal to their SV
Practiced Herald: Encounter/Martial me and each ally in burst 5
  • Effect:+1 power bonus to att, dmg, and saving throws until end of nxt turn
Prescient Warning: Encounter/Arcane Range 10 Triggering Ally
  • Trigger: ally w/10sq is hit by enemy att
  • Effect: trgt can make a basic att against attacking enemy as a free action +1d8 dmg on hit
Ardent Surge: Daily/ Healing, Psionic Close Burst 5 Me or One Ally
  • Effect: trgt can spend a surge and regain additional 2d6
Healing Word: Daily/ Healing Close Burst 5 Me or One Ally
  • Effect: trgt can spend surge and regain additional 2d6
Thunder Blade: Daily/ Arcane, Thunder, Weapon Melee: Weapon Target: one creature
  • Attack: Cha vs AC
  • Hit: 3(W)+Cha mod thunder dmg and slide trgt 2 sq
  • Effect: Until end of enc whenever I hit with an at will attack power I slide trgt 2 sq must end adj to ally


  • Weapon of Defense Dagger+2(Quarterstaff)
  • Healer's Shield (Quarterstaff)
  • Hero's Armor +1(Hide)
  • Amulet of Charm(Neck)
  • Eyes of Charming(Head)
  • Belt of Sacrifice(Waist)
  • Symbol of Perseverance +2(Implement)
  • Gloves of the Healer

Wish list

  • Hero's Armor +3
    • Armor lvl 12
  • Elven Chain Shirt +1
    • Wondrous lvl 9
  • Healer's Broach +3
    • Neck Lvl 14
  • Boots of the Fencing Master
    • Feet Lvl 7
  • Symbol of Perseverance +3
    • Implement Lvl 12
  • Weapon of Defense Dagger+3
    • Weapon Lvl 14

Heroic tier dream list

  • 1.Tasked with the role of Diplomat amongst the Elves and Humans. Branching out to the other planes later on.
  • 2.Chance meetings with "certain Noble/Diplomat" perhaps working together with said Noble/Diplomat by chance or design. As well as, becoming more familiar with said Noble/Diplomat fostering a friendship between us.
  • 3.Keep in contact with family throughout my travels to check in on matters concerning my estate.
  • 4.Trip back home perhaps with said Noble/Diplomat as guest.