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Genasi, Earthsoul
Build: Warden
Theme: Unseelie Agent

Athletics, Endurance, Intimidate, Nature
Level 1: Toughness
Level 2: Weapon Prof Bastard Sword
Level 4: Improved Initiative
Level 6: Impending Victory
Level 8: Heavy Blade Expertise
Race Bonus: Earthshock Master
Race Bonus: Primordial Surge
Hide Armor: summoned armor +3
Light Shield: Greater Storm Ruby (Ruby Sword)
Amulet of Life +1
Barbed Baldric
Boots of the Ram
Headress of the Bear

Spirit of Storm
Blessing of Iron

Strength of Stone

Thorn Strike

Tremor Slam
Breath of Chaos
Shadow Cloak

Form of Mountains Thunder
Natures Abundance
Boiling Cloud
Form of Stone Sentinel


Part 1: Intro
Part 2: Wake
Part 3: Farewell to a friend

Before it knew what was happening, Cambria was blasted out of the shell as Sul died. As much as it wished and hoped, it knew this could not mean freedom. Already weak from the battle, Cambria could feel its energy drain and bleed out into the natural world. It did not have very long.

Early on, Cambria’s life was stolen away as it was kidnapped and imprisoned inside the genasi. It was only days ago it was able to once again find a semblance of free will, and it was all about to end. This was too soon, happening to fast. Cambria barely knew what it was like to live, it wasn’t ready for this. It did not want die.

Anger. Fear. Desperation. One emotion after another flooded over Cambria as time was running out. Distressed, Cambria wasted its energy flying in chaotic circles. No one below was a suitable option to use as an anchor, and Cambria could not posess. Every passing second was sapping more strength and every second brought more grey to dull the vibrant colors of the world.

Will it hurt? Was there an afterlife waiting? Why didn’t they do anything to stop this from happening? Random thoughts and questions flooded its mind.

A faint pulse… A faint pulse vibrated through Cambria’s being. It was weak, but Cambria could sense it and it was nearby. For the very first time in its life, Cambria felt the feeling of hope.

Using the last reserves of energy, Cambria flew off to find the source and to save its life so that Cambria could save its own.

The mass exodus was needed for survival. It was not home, but the refugees were very grateful to have something to rebuild a semblance of life as they once knew.

Not everyone approved…

There are beings that walk the planes that precede the exodus. There are those who walk that miss the old ways, and will act against any creature that threatens their way of life. Some of these beings are nearly as old as the planes themselves.

Gru opened his eyes and felt the incredible pain. He gritt his teeth and let out a grunt as he pushed himself up into a sitting position. His stomach felt as if it were on fire, and when he looked down he could see the burns formed in a circular pattern around his midsection. Gru had no idea where he was or how he got here. In fact, he barely even remembered his own name.

There were bodies of Eladrin laid about nearby wearing similar clothing, but Gru could not remember who they were. There were no immediate signs of life, many having deep open gashes that no longer bled.

From somewhere deep inside him came a voice that was not his own, and not one he had ever remembered hearing before.

“I can help you remember”, echoed the voice. “We do have some things in common…”

For the work that Gru has done, some would call him a monster or a terrorist, an enemy to the world of order. For others, they would call him a hero.

There are greater fey that live and walk the plane of the fey wild. As the refuges flooded their wild, many of these fey considered this to be a trespass. As these unwanted refuges tamed wilds and built great cities and settlements, these same fey looked at this as a perversion of their home land. Some of these took matters into their own hands and acted, drafting denizens of the wild to act as their fist and their sword.

Gradually, the memories started to come back to Gru, and he felt the pain of sadness. Those lying around him were family. Together they baned and served the unknown fey as champions to the domestic beings of the wild. These Eladrin were friends and the only beings he ever truly knew.

The hard memories of growing up in the wilderness came next. He almost flinched as he was brought back to the harsh training, and he smiled as he remembered some of the good times as well. He saw the grin on Lula’s face when he captured his first meal. He could remember the wild stories Garik would tell of his life before service. He could even remember the answer when he asked Zak why he was so different: “We ambushed a caravan of Genasi who thought they were moving through this forest unseen. We killed them all, the men, woman, and children. I was about to kill you when it told me to stop. It was curious about you because of the spirit you held captive inside. It decided you were young enough to hone to be usefull.” Gru could also remember being perfectly content with that explanation. This was family after all.

Gru looked down to his forearm to see the crescent moon mark was still there. Gru had never spoken or heard the fey that guided them, but he saw he still had its blessing.

The memories of raids and slaughter came next. Faces of those he had destroyed in the name of the wild. The experiences that helped harden the soul and make him stronger, the key to their survival and continued service.

Finally things caught up to last night. They were settling down for camp with their guards down thinking they were safe here in their wood when the Genasi attacked. Genasi Gru could sense were just like him, harnessing the power of spirits that lay dormant inside each of them. They moved extraordinarily quick as the took down his companions one by one before they were able to react or understand what was happening. When they got to Gru they quickly immobilized him and held him. For several minutes they chanted ritualistically as he struggled to for freedom. In the most excruciating minute of Gru’s existence, the changing stopped as the spirit within him was ripped out. Severe burns bubbled and formed on his stomach in the shape of a circle where the spirit was pulled through. Then just as quickly as they attacked, the Genasi left, leaving Gru there to die from the trauma of separation.

“We do have something in common”, Cambria echoed. “We are both orphans to this world that neither of us truely belong anymore. Without each other we will die, so I propose a partnership. We will keep each other alive, and when the time is right, we will exact justice and both watch those who have stolen our lives burn.”

It did not take Gru very long to agree to terms. It was what his sould wanted and needed.

“ In the mean time, we will not get there or grow strong enough on our own. Not very far is a group that is down a companion… and my friend. He was not killed by these Genasi but they no doubt contributed to his demise by shattering his spirit and making him feel week…”

There was a pause as Cambria started to come to terms for the first time what happened to Sul.

“This tribe of fighters may take you in. They also hold a very unique sword of ruby crystal we may find useful in our revenge”


  • Inheritant bonuses

Hide Armor +3 or higher
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Neck +2 or higher
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