Almebezbik Is No More

Almebezbik Is No More

by spliskamatyshak, Sep 21,2009
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With the introduction of the latest edition of D&D, 4e, the Almebezbik campaign setting is being extended into the future with as drastic a difference between its current version as the difference is between previous versions of D&D and 4e.

The End of a World Gives Rise to Another

Lehnbor's Workbench, The Plane, The Mirror, The Plain of the Gods...Almebezbik has come to a catastrophic end, which has destroyed many of The Creations of Lehnbor. This has reassembled the remaining Creations to form a new stellar system in [[Lehnbor's Sphere]].

Wizards' Cataclysms

Wizards' Cataclysms, so named because they were primarily caused by wizards, were the results of the unbridled abuse of magical power. The power was not always arcane in nature, as the title implies, but it was often enough to cause the association.
The original Cataclysms where caused by [[Lehnbor the Creator]] in the shaping of his Creations, which spanned The First Cycle.


Time was, up until the final cataclysm, measured in vast, indistinct units called Cycles, which spanned periods of time from 20 to 30 thousand years. There were twelve cycles, each dominated by various races throughout history on [[Lehnbor's Workbench]]. One thing all Cycles had in common where five of these Wizards' Cataclysm and they were all prophesied.


Early in each Cycle, a prophet or prophets told of the events around and the results of five cataclysmic events that would occur during the Cycle in the form of riddle-like verse. They were never in a particular order, but the last one to occur would always end the Cycle and was always the last day a the year.
The Twelfth Cycle

The cataclysms of the last Cycle were far more localized than in any previous Cycle except for the fifth. They saw to the destruction of a wizard's tower, two great metropoleis, a nation of wizards and finally [[The Mirror]], which is what [[Lehnbor's Workbench]] had, by then, been come to be known. Early in this Second Cycle of Man, several adventurers where gathered together by a powerful sorcerer named [[Isildul]] and became the prophets that would prophesy their Cycle's cataclysms.
Isildul's Arcaners

The niece of an emperor, a keeper of a great forest, a commander of elven armies and a proxy of Lehnbor would speak the prophecies that suggested the ultimate ending of their world long before the fact that a new Cycle had begun was acknowledged.
The first two of these heroes futilely fought to prevent the first cataclysm, the destruction of the first of the two metropoleis, actually dying of old age before they could convince others of the impending disaster.
The last of these heroes, The Mage, inadvertently caused the destruction of his own tower late in the Cycle attempting to reverse a previous cataclysm.

The End of the World

[[Velarnium]] is a rare and powerful metal reputed to be fashioned into the weapons and armor of the Gods. This metal also formed the foundation of [[Lehnbor's Workbench]]. Only at the end of the 12th-Cycle was this realized by the Underdark inhabitants of [[The Mirror]] and they began in earnest to try and find a way of "mining" it.
Adamantine, being abundant in the Underdark, could not chip away at it and using diamond tools was a slow and tedious process. The most powerful of Drow, Lesamedalaquar, in her senescent dementia, determined that melting the metal with the elemental fires of the planet's largest volcano would allow its collection and use. She caused the magma of the volcano to run through the core of the world and collect at the base of the great flat-world's bowl. Her miscalculation was that in the process of softening the velarnium, the rest of the world would be forced violently into space.

Effects of the Final Wizards' Cataclysm

When the explosion occurred, the bulk of the flat-world was facing the rest of The Creations of Lehnbor. The force of the explosion directed by the vast plate of velarnium caused Tetrasol, the world's quadrinary sun, to be launched towards the trinary sun that the other Creations orbited. In its course, Tetrasol destroyed the outermost and innermost worlds of the other stellar system and drew the debris into orbit around itself and the trinary sun as their stars fell in with each other.

A Septenary Sun

With Tetrasol, a quadrinary sun and the trinary sun lighting the other stellar system combining, an extremely power seven-star sun - red, orange, yellow, green, blue indigo and violet stars - was formed. Along with this extraordinary event and the cataclysmic explosion of [[The Mirror]], this new sun shifted to the center of [[Lehnbor's Sphere]]. Two planets and two asteroid belts fell into orbit around it.

Two Remaining Planets

Of the five celestial bodies that were Lehnbor's Planetary Creations - The Mirror, Ioun, Whelrotis, Waagerecht Umdreher and Senkrecht Dremuskel - only Whelrotis and Waagerecht Umdreher remained. The other planets were now debris.

This planet - thought by much of the sphere to be a gas giant (much like Saturn) due to its appearance, vast rings and eye-like storm - has spent much of its quarter-million year existence undisturbed and left to its own designs. However, deep within its thick atmosphere lies a large solid core that forms a planet like any other inhabitable planet in the known multiverse.
For the most part, the vast atmosphere and magnetic field of the planet shielded it from the near pass of Tetrasol. However, a single massive meteor did manage to pierce the atmosphere and strike the core. This caused considerable devastation and loss of life and threw the world into chaos for several centuries as it stabilized in its new orbit around a new stronger sun.

The other world, once known as Waagerecht Umdreher, has come to be known by another name over the centuries as it was unknown by the survivors on [[Whelrotis]] which of the two outer worlds had survived. Along with this confusion, an mysterious phenomenon occurred as the cataclysmic event unfolded. By some manner of divine intervention, the planet was enveloped by some planar force and visitors to this planet now find it difficult to return from it. Stories of two adventurers who managed to navigate the treacherous planar warp surrounding the planet described it as a portal to various random worlds, one of which might be the original Waagerecht Umdreher.

The Debris

Between the explosion of The Mirror and the path of destruction carved by Tetrasol's course, there are now two vast rings of debris surrounding the sun and the solar system as a whole.
The Torque

Ioun and Senkrecht Dremuskel, destroyed by the power of Tetrasol as it passed through the solar system, crumbled and formed a ring of debris between the sun and Whelrotis. There is a sizable gap in this ring and thus, by its shape, has become known as The Torque.
The Belt

The force of the explosion that sent Tetrasol careening through [[Lehnbor's Sphere]] also shattered the 20-thousand mile diameter plate of velarnium that was the foundation of [[Lehnbor's Workbench]]. This debris of shards and jagged plates of velarnium, pulverized planetary material and the five moons that once orbited [[The Mirror]] now make up the outer asteroid belt of this solar system. The five moons remain closely associated and form a pentagram that orbit like a belt buckle.

From Chaos to Constancy

For almost 500 years, chaos has reigned since meteors rained down upon Whelrotis. Civilizations that had spread across the vast continents were beaten back by an onslaught of monsters and creatures thought only to be myth. They stampeded and rampaged from the wildernesses in which they had remained hidden for tens of thousands of years to reclaim lands despoiled by humans in their absence.
The "civilized" races regressed in the outer reaches of the empires and the largest, best defended cities swelled as refugees streamed in, seeking sanctuary. Many of these cities collapsed on themselves in civil war, famine and disease until only four isolated metropoleis remained.

The Great Metropoleis

  • [[Neo-Meziltarn]] on the continent of [[Ghihzen]]
  • [[Nord von Delta]] on the continent of [[Demogrozh]]
  • [[Starport]] on the continent of [[Sectris]]
  • [[Wormdorf]] on the continent of [[Trohlken]]
The year is now 491 PC (Post-Cataclysm) and not a human alive realizes how close their race was to extinction. Only the oldest dwarves and elves can recall the strife that followed the fall of civilization and only the most venerable and ancient eladrin can remember the re-awakening of the mythical creatures of legend that now roam the wilds.
The desire and courage to explore and begin to expand civilization has been renewed and despite many lost to such ventures, more and more join the quest daily to reclaim the wilderness for their great cities.