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Gatherers of the Plains - 6 Members

Dec 10, 2014
Created by: cstennett62

This group was created to help people pefect their decks and to talk  about how they like to play their Magic: The Gathering.

Metroplex Magicians Alliance - 1 Members

Dec 8, 2014
Created by: BrownBearMMA

Dallas/Ft. Worth Texas Wizard's Guild. Repsect to All Who Practice the Art of Magic.

magic in canada - 1 Members

Nov 22, 2014
Created by: otakuwaifu

we talk about magic and stuff like that 

EDH Decks and Help - 6 Members

Oct 3, 2014
Created by: PhotoHogg

I thought I would set up this forum to get help myself for my EDH deck but also to help others find a place to share and collected knowledge for EDH on a casual and competitive standards.


In search for someone - 2 Members

Sep 23, 2014
Created by: Im2kawaii4u

Okay I know this isnt suppose to go here but since there isnt a chat I dont see any other option. Im in search of an old friend of mine who use to go by the name d87ray, always hung out in the chats together, so I dont know if you know him can you send him a message to chat with me sometime. Thanks, bye guys


Sep 17, 2014
Created by: Draconism

This group is for TR players to find each other in the Wizards community.

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