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EDH Decks and Help - 2 Members

Oct 3, 2014
Created by: PhotoHogg

I thought I would set up this forum to get help myself for my EDH deck but also to help others find a place to share and collected knowledge for EDH on a casual and competitive standards.


In search for someone - 2 Members

Sep 23, 2014
Created by: Im2kawaii4u

Okay I know this isnt suppose to go here but since there isnt a chat I dont see any other option. Im in search of an old friend of mine who use to go by the name d87ray, always hung out in the chats together, so I dont know if you know him can you send him a message to chat with me sometime. Thanks, bye guys


Sep 17, 2014
Created by: Draconism

This group is for TR players to find each other in the Wizards community.

Kalamazoo Night Magic - 1 Members

Aug 29, 2014
Created by: FallingSoul5

This is a group for the Kalamazoo, Michigan area (if you live a few miles outside of Kalamazoo that's fine)! I would just like to every once in a while maybe meet up and play a few rounds of Magic. Get to know some people and learn the game better. Experience or new players are well welcomed to join!

Worldwide Planeswalkers - 3 Members

Aug 24, 2014
Created by: Braynok

A group for players of MTG from around the world can come together and discuss their favorite card game. Here we can discuss deck ideas, strategies etc. anyone is welcome to join up as long as things remain respectful. No insulting people for religous beliefs, race, gender, age, nationality, or what types of decks they use.

Youth MTG Group - 1 Members

Aug 6, 2014
Created by: Joe_G34

Youth Magic The Gatheing players in the Greensburg Delmont area to maybe get togather and play.  Experienced Players and New Welcome As Long As You Have A Deck



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