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Colorado Springs Deck Building - 1 Members

Dec 27, 2014
Created by: AnrikFeldon

For MTG players in the Springs area.


  • Organize an event
  • Learn to build specific decks
  • Make new friends


 You can do anything you like when you have the group to do so. So if you live in the Springs and want to get some events going, or just want another person to dule for the heck of it. You have found your group.


MTG in the Mountain LA, CA - 1 Members

Dec 26, 2014
Created by: MountainElf

This group is for the MTG players in Lake Arrowhead, Twin Peaks, Running Springs, Crestline, and all the other towns of the San Bernadino Mountains, CA.

Golgari Swarm - 1 Members

Dec 18, 2014
Created by: monsterZERO13

People who loves golgari

Gatherers of the Plains - 3 Members

Dec 10, 2014
Created by: cstennett62

This group was created to help people pefect their decks and to talk  about how they like to play their Magic: The Gathering.

Metroplex Magicians Alliance - 1 Members

Dec 8, 2014
Created by: BrownBearMMA

Dallas/Ft. Worth Texas Wizard's Guild. Repsect to All Who Practice the Art of Magic.

magic in canada - 1 Members

Nov 22, 2014
Created by: otakuwaifu

we talk about magic and stuff like that 

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