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"T.H.E.O.R.Y" - 1 Members

Aug 30, 2014
Created by: GloriousMonkey

Hey, Every one. Well have you ever wanted to just group together with a bunch of people, and think of your ideas for cards games anything that you could say is similar to magic. At the same time you just wont think but you can explain them to whos interested in your idea....

Oats Privacy Test Group - 1 Members

Jul 7, 2014
Created by: WotC_Michelle

Goats Eat Tacos, Mares Eat Oats

This is a private group with hidden content

The B.O.T. - 2 Members

Jul 1, 2014
Created by: LETZGIP
Skryering for intelligence.

HammerGames - 1 Members

Jan 27, 2014
Created by: HammerGaming

Axis and Allies -- ADVANCED - 1 Members

Nov 23, 2013
Created by: 5683deltium

Hi - if you're an avid Axis & Allies player, specifically Advanced, OR at least truly dedicated to master the game, this Group is for you!


We will aim to accomplish several key goals in this group:

(1) Play real games online (e.g. at, and


(2) Discuss strategy


Realm Surfing RPG - 1 Members

Sep 28, 2013
Created by: josephdsmith

Welcome to the Realm Surfing RPG! This is a play-by-post role-playing game, where you surf through the various realms. The Realm Hub is the meeting-place where all portals meet, which lies in a black-void, with a resting area. You start there before you surf through the realms.

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