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New Organized Play Event: D&D Next Playtest - Started by Plaguescarred1

It think it would be great if we could have another Organized Play Event on the D&D VT, that would showcase D&D Next Playtest.As...

kimli May 26, 2012 11:09:39
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Noobie game. - Started by tuzon

I'd like to see a Noob solo module for the VTT. With luck and a little effort it might be as effective as the the Mages tower Newby solo...

tuzon Apr 13, 2012 2:25:37
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Finally played Andok Sur - Started by kimli

My group and I just got done Andok Sur and I must say, what a well prepared set of encounters. I almost tpked the party in the second...

kimli Jan 14, 2012 23:23:31
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Community Made Event is there any interest ????? - Started by _Mithreinmaethor_

Hey everyone.  I have talked to a couple people already but I wanted to get this out to the rest of you....

tsmoore Nov 07, 2011 4:11:02
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DDi open arena?? - Started by myt3m0w53

Hiya everyone... anyone familiar with the core colisium? where you get just the basic core books to make your character from??  and then...

faea Nov 03, 2011 22:37:46
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PLEASE MAKE THIS THE NEXT EVENT!!!! - Started by frothsof

frothsof Nov 02, 2011 17:18:37
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Can we organize our own event? - Started by faea

Its just an idea.  But I'm sure the active dms on the vt can come up with something.  share it in a thread and perhaps messages(for...

arakon_the_grey Sep 14, 2011 10:14:12
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I think that it is time for another event. - Started by _Mithreinmaethor_

Title says it all.  What say you?????

Plaguescarred1 Jul 27, 2011 22:05:01
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Andok Sur: May31 \ June 1 \ June 6 00:01 AM EST - Started by Plaguescarred1

Andok Sur Start Time: A- erdana; font-size:9pt">Tuesday May 31st 00:01 AM EST  (23:01 CST / 22:01 MST / 21:01 PST / 04:01 UTC)        ...

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Plaguescarred1 Jun 07, 2011 20:09:10
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Andok Sur - Sunday 6/5 6PM CST - Started by jshaft37

***Disclaimer: This is the first time I've DMed anything, so I can make no guarantees on my DMing expertise.  However, I will be ready...

ceres Jun 05, 2011 15:48:48
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frothsofs andok sur saturday 6/4 330 pm eastern (gmt-5) - Started by frothsof

level 5, standard gear, no themes, no dark sun anythingtable is invite only of course thanks to thoughtless playerspost if you want an...

frothsof Jun 04, 2011 13:28:51
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Andok Sur June 1st 12noon PST - Started by faea

Andok Sur Start Time:erdana; font-size:9pt">Wednesday June 1st 12 Noon PSTDuration: 03:00                                  Campaign...

faea Jun 01, 2011 14:10:01
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Andok Sur Event 05/31/2011 - Started by jonathan_sicari

Looking to run the Event Monday Morning at 0700PST. I would like prospective players to post here and I will send invites.

juswondering May 31, 2011 16:48:34
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