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OOC Thread - Started by Incanus

This thread is for any out-of-character discussions. That includes debates on rules, notices of absence, complex comments or questions...

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Khan_the_Destroyer 2 months ago
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Shatterstone (Adventure Thread) - Started by Incanus

SHATTERSTONEWith a heavy thud the winch platform comes to a stop at the bottom of the shaft. Seventy feet or more below their comrades on...

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RelkinRassendyll 7 months ago
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Character Sheets - Started by Incanus

Everyone should post his complete character sheet here (hopefully in a single post each, but if you need two try to keep them consecutive...

greymouse 9 months ago
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The Low Road to Greyhawk (Adventure Thread) - Started by Incanus

THE LOW ROAD TO GREYHAWKThere have been two constants on the week-long journey that has taken you from Hardby, the City of the Scorned,...

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Incanus 2 years ago
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