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Role-Playing film - Started by stefan-film

Did anyone know there's a film in development about fantasy role-playing games? Some company in the UK is doing it - heard from some...

Spykes May 29, 2013 15:08:00
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roll20 roleplaying website - anyone got a campaign I can join? - Started by dragonh

Anyone use the Roll20 website? anyone is using it and is a GM with a campaign, then I was wondering if I...

dragonh Jul 24, 2012 13:08:02
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Dungeon & Dragon Magazine Full PDF Copies - Started by PhantomAOJ

Hey all, I couldn't find an exact place to post, but I cannot find the compiled PDF of Dragon Magazine from 394 on.  The same for Dungeon...

VoyRager Mar 13, 2012 11:49:24
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Independant Organizers left out in the cold unless they align with retailers. - Started by gattiej

I do not know how many of you who are independant organizers of organized RPGA play out there. I have about 300 or so dedicated players...

MWSAber Sep 04, 2011 20:16:50
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Encounters Help - Started by broprey

Unfortunately I can't make it to an Encounters Session on Wednesday's.  Is it possible to buy previous seasons to run?

b75ruce Aug 04, 2011 1:37:46
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Acquisitions Inc PAX videos - Started by WotC_Michelle

Coming soon! Let the squeeing begin.

jukeboxjosh Jun 29, 2011 13:32:39
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New 'Monster Vault' Video - Unboxing & Review - Started by willfuqua

Hey Guys,Just wanted to share this video dealing with the Monster Vault that my friend and I made together at our local.  Enjoy.www...

willfuqua Nov 09, 2010 15:42:11
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