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Maptool 1.3b64 Released (1.3 Release Candidate) - Started by Maccwar

Despite Starcraft 2's inescapable hold on Trevor, b64 has made it over the finish line!

Maccwar Apr 25, 2010 8:15:52
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New group session - Started by satyrlord

Maptools 87 since 88 is glitchy, 4e, Im looking for four players or three players and a dm. Im no DM genius but i can fill in if i have...

satyrlord Jul 05, 2012 23:48:50
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Is this group dead? - Started by zerbious

No posts in 3 months? Has everyone left this group for something else Maptools related?

Maccwar Apr 09, 2010 13:55:26
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Maptool 1.3b63 Released - Started by Maccwar

Are we there yet?'re getting ever closer to a 1.3 release.

Maccwar Dec 17, 2009 1:29:01
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First commercial maptool product - The Dragon's Lair on RPGNow - Started by torstan

Edit: I was notified by Wizards that I am not allowed to advertise products. I was unaware of that and have altered the post accordingly....

torstan Dec 10, 2009 7:27:56
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Maptool 1.3b62 Released - Started by Maccwar

We're getting very close to a final 1.3 release, could this be the one?

Maccwar Dec 10, 2009 1:58:37
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Maptool 1.3B60 Just Released! - Started by dorpond fun!   

dorpond Oct 23, 2009 15:27:48
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Which build are you using? - Started by Maccwar

I'm currently on build 56 which is nice and stable. Anyone trying build 57 at the moment?

plothos Sep 24, 2009 19:39:17
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MT is on Facebook - Started by plothos

And so it

plothos Sep 21, 2009 16:13:53
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