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Koopa troopers - Started by rican

So i wanted to make a first level Adventure set in the mushroom kingdom and i need an enemy that i can reflavor to make a Koopa is there...

rican Jul 07, 2012 6:36:21
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Creating Nighthawks Assassins in 4e - Started by Vobeskhan

I'm trying to create the Nighthawk Assassins based on those from the Riftwar series by Raymond E Feist to plague my pc's as recurring and...

VoyRager Jan 04, 2012 20:12:35
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Monster Builder - Started by _NewbieDM_

How many of you are using the DDI Monster Builder? I find it a little clunky for my taste, and actually prefer just using the compendium...

Darth_Jerrod Sep 14, 2011 0:41:02
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Improvising NPCs? - Started by tmartin4

Hi, I'm new to the group and I've been DM for a few sessions so I can generally handle combat.I do feel a bit intimidated about NPCs...

tmartin4 Nov 09, 2010 8:40:29
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NPC/Character/Monster Creation - Started by n.lohnes93

Hey, I'm starting a service to make characters, NPC's, and monsters for those of us dungeon masters (or players) who just don't have the...

n.lohnes93 Oct 27, 2010 15:18:09
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Ressurecting 2E Ravenloft monster - Started by Vobeskhan

Hi guys I was just wondering before I start playing around with the Monster Builder, if anyone has made a 4e version of the 2e Ravenloft...

Vobeskhan Oct 07, 2010 15:25:19
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NPCs/Monsters based on Real Life Creatures? - Started by vinciente

Ok my latest project is one where the PCs will be forced in to caves, catacomb , etc that are extremely moist/damp. I am looking to base...

vinciente Jun 22, 2010 13:51:13
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Character Class villian concept conversion to Monster Tool NPC? - Started by vinciente

I want to start with a character who is a Gnome-Avenger whom the PCs encounter casually a few times at Heroic levels. By the time the PCs...

HishamEQ Feb 22, 2010 19:53:51
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Flushing out an old NPC - Started by golbezza

Increasing the possibilities of an NPC in my latest blog post.Any and all opinions 

golbezza Jan 15, 2010 13:42:45
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Is this a good monster to chuck at lvl 15ish characters? - Started by Militaryspartan

Basically this guy is a boss at the end of a necropolis. For those of you who play or used to play WoW he's based off of kel'thuzad. Do...

Militaryspartan Dec 21, 2009 16:38:27
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Abyssal Skulker Homebrew - Started by ravidell_the_black

Hi All!I'm looking for ideas on how to build a 4E conversion of the Abyssal Skulker for my homebrew world.Basically, I want the monster...

thecatacombs Dec 01, 2009 22:42:14
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Spectral Characters - Started by Chirp

Not sure if this is the right forum for this, but none of the others seemed to fit.I had an idea for an upcoming horror campaign to allow...

Chirp Nov 24, 2009 10:50:23
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