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Custom Magic Items for LotCS - Started by Shoopful

  Hey all,...

Shoopful Dec 11, 2013 12:11:37
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LotCS Field Report - week 2 - Started by Vobeskhan

We picked up from where our party left off at the launch event, the write up is here....

Gonchar Dec 09, 2013 19:37:38
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Cool Calendar tracking idea - Started by sliceoffruit

So timing is a big deal in this adventure and I want my players to know that. I have been trying to figure out different ways to tell...

Gonchar Dec 06, 2013 13:24:22
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Holiday gifts for the PC - Started by SublimeBW

I figured I would post some of the items I will have for my players during the holiday season. My plan is for them to meet a mysterious...

SublimeBW Dec 06, 2013 10:49:32
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LotCS - Stage 1 Write Up - Started by SublimeBW

Well, the first session of LotCS is in the books! The players had a great time with it and are getting more and more into the role play...

AlHazred Dec 05, 2013 13:23:44
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Wererats/Lycans question - Started by Gonchar

Do Lycanthropes, specifically the wererats such as Slim in this adventure, lose their gear when they shape shift?...

Gonchar Dec 03, 2013 18:46:11
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Forgotten Realms Calendar - Started by Raddu76

It's suggested to use a calendar to track the events for LotCS. Here's one I found on the Wizards's site:

Raddu76 Nov 22, 2013 15:14:47
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And here we go! - Started by MerricB

Into Icewind Dale!...

Tulloch Nov 19, 2013 21:13:42
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