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Media Galleries Issues - Started by Dragonette

Post details about your media galleries issues here.

Panartias 9 months ago
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Issues with Groups - Started by Dragonette

Have an issue with your group? Please post it here.

seTiny 10 months ago
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Broken Links/Broken Users - Started by Dragonette

Post details of your issues with broken link or broken user account features.

lathspel 13 months ago
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Feedback, Questions and Known Issues for the New Site - Started by WotC_Trevor

Hey gang. Now that we’re back up and running in the new community site, I wanted to talk a little about what we have, what we don’t, and...

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jeff-heikkinen 5 days ago
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Skin Your Forums - Started by danmage72

Introducing the ability to skin your Wizards Community Forums experience. ...

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jeff-heikkinen 7 months ago
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Site feedback: - Started by tonyto3690

This company has the most inept techs I've ever seen.  I've been to forums created by amateur tech people, and I'm not going to pretend...

Mystic_Lemur 7 months ago
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Updated Issues List - Started by Dragonette

Updated 9/15/13 with new fixes!

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Dragonette 12 months ago
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Downtime starting at 10AMPacific - Started by Dragonette

Hi everyone,...

Dragonette 13 months ago
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Cant view profile? cant block user - Started by Garthanos

i might have missed something somewhere but make your profile private and nobody can block you... ummm right

Garthanos 13 months ago
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I want Wrecans Blog back... - Started by Garthanos

Is there a general search to find blogs by user name or similar... I am finding this site harder to navigate.

Garthanos 13 months ago
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"Demonstration of why thread order is important" - tonyto3690 - Started by Beldak_Serpenthelm


Just_a_cleric 13 months ago
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Scalability? - Started by Qmark

Qmark 13 months ago
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