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Warden - Started by Luca_The_Obfuscated

Hi to all of you! So... I'll break the ice on the argument:"Warden" I'll bet on a "Primal - Defender" Let's play the brainstorming game!!!:P

igniz Nov 11, 2008 10:14:14
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A set for the number 2 books? - Started by robinjapan

Now that they have announced DMG2 for Sept. will they put DMG2/MM2/PHB2 in a bundle like they did with the originals? I kinda like the...

larrin_ash Nov 11, 2008 8:29:38
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Are we ever going to get another controller? - Started by orion_polaris

So far we have:...

Steely_Dan Nov 11, 2008 3:04:53
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Is all hope lost? - Started by the_water_bear

I have been unfortunately absent from the forums for a few months now (though I managed to stay up to date with features and purchase my...

Steely_Dan Nov 11, 2008 2:45:07
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A sourcebook on playing neutral characters? - Started by shrykull_dup

First of all, is there one already? We have the book of vile darkness and the book of exalted deeds, since I didn't know what it would be...

Grimcleaver Nov 10, 2008 23:04:42
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!!!! Player's Handbook 2 "I"-Class: Could it be, Illusionist? - Started by wizardmon

I propose a new speculative theory of a Player's Handbook class. Instead of an Invoker or a Inquisitor, we will have an Illusionist class...

pauln6 Nov 10, 2008 7:35:54
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Minotaur race pdf download - Started by preator

I'm having trouble downloading the minotaur pdf. Most other pdf's download fine. All that comes up is those screwy symbols like I dont...

preator Nov 09, 2008 23:05:17
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DRACONOMICON I!!!!!! NEW CHROMATICS?! - Started by evilholyguy

my first thoughts...HOLY SWEET HELL YES!!! my question is who else can't wait? :D

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doctorhook Nov 08, 2008 19:56:23
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Arcane Power sounds like it's going to be awesome or kinda meh - Started by ostrakon

Just read a description I haven't seen before on Amazon.New options for wizards, warlocks, sorcerers, bards, and swordmages......

ranadiel Nov 08, 2008 7:18:44
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Book I'd Love to See: Points of Light Series - Started by Grimcleaver

I would love it! Set it up more or less like the Nentir Vale section of the DMG. Put in a regional minimap with a few scattered towns,...

Kaldric Nov 07, 2008 19:52:12
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Alternative rules splat book - Started by gloreindl

I would like to see an alternative rules book come out that removes the war gaming aspects and the feats/powers associated with that...

Grimcleaver Nov 07, 2008 17:42:28
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Will Bard be added soon? - Started by seriousfix

I really want to be a Bard. Any books adding this? Thanks.

Cpt_Micha Nov 07, 2008 9:17:50
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Gladiator Article: Dark Sun? - Started by GhostStepper

So we have already had one official Dark Sun article since the advent of digital insider and now there appears to be an article dubbed ...

Nemo_the_Lost Nov 07, 2008 9:15:27
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4e Bards ideas - Started by Sjachiskux

Bards are interesting characters, but like the druids their concept in 3e were hybrid and more like jack-of-all-trade. Because in 4e...

serphet Nov 05, 2008 20:41:25
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Draconomicon Preview: Famous Dragons - Started by GlimmTheGnome

GlimmTheGnome Nov 05, 2008 16:24:09
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any word on the druid? - Started by princeofshapeir

Any word on the druid yet?...

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sticks128 Nov 05, 2008 6:28:32
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Miniatures idea - Started by houseghostleaf_dup

Just thought I'd bounce the idea off the forums see how it lands....

Grimcleaver Nov 05, 2008 3:51:25
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Ooh! I just got a good idea! Heh. - Started by Grimcleaver

You know how there's books on Martial Power, Arcane Power, Primal Power, etc? I've been mulling over how there's lots of folks who seem...

Grimcleaver Nov 05, 2008 3:22:37
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Monster Manual Racial Feats - Started by guest1923028859

I would love to see see racial feats for the races in the monster manual. D&D insider would be a great place to release them.

doctorhook Nov 04, 2008 18:40:50
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"Game Starter Set" - What will it contain? - Started by xardrax


Grazel Nov 04, 2008 15:48:12
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What is this 2009 Book: Dungeon Delve - Started by Grimcleaver

Okay, all the other books are pretty easy to figure out. Arcane Power, sure. Eberron Campaign Guide, gotcha. What is Dungeon Delve? A...

nowiwantmydmg Nov 04, 2008 12:37:05
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Power Cards - Started by ethren

What size are the cards going to be? Same as MtG?

ethren Nov 04, 2008 0:28:14
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Found this thought I would shear it - Started by Jokke

the cover of Player's Handbook 2 yes I know it is really really tiny, but it is there.

crimson_lancer Nov 03, 2008 21:32:23
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Any word on the Gaming Table? - Started by genericloc

Sorry,new to the forums so I haven't read every post......but I don't see any mention by anyone of the gaming table and if they will ever...

doctorhook Nov 03, 2008 16:19:46
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Its offical WOTC will put out non random minis. - Started by KM.549

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Legendarius Nov 03, 2008 15:27:46
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